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Wildcard SSL Is A Must For Multiple Sub-Domain Users

March 1, 2013 | By  

While there are various areas where encrypting data becomes a vital aspect, there are specific requirements where business owners require various domains to be setup at the same time in a single server or multiple servers. Usually, this necessity is found in web development, marketing and brand promotional companies where they are obliged to create various types of sample pages, websites, links for their clients in order to prove their mettle. Even though, some of the sample sites may be in the alpha stage, it is vital that client security and data encryption is implemented at an early stage so as to safeguard any type of transaction.

The difference In Wildcard SSL is that they are specifically designed to be used on unlimited number of domains based on the license that you purchase. This will ensure that every website that you create will have the facility to encrypt sensitive information transmitted through it! This is a key to gain client confidence because the certified logo will in turn allow them to generate more business and also gain trust from their customers. A huge benefit that you can gain as a company is the cost factor. Usually, many potential buyers are intimidated by the pricing structure of individual certificates. And, it’s no wonder they skip the process when it comes to getting nearly two dozen or even more domains certified at the same time. For this scenarios, your best bet is to ensure that encryption is in order at all times while sensitive information is transferred.


Understanding The Wildcard SSL Certificate

Not all of the certs are the same because they are all provided by reliable companies around the globe, to suit specific purposes. However high the number of domains you are  required to secure, you can do it with the help of Wildcard SSL certificates. They are controlled by a single unified management system, which is easy to use for the administrator.  One certificate is all that you need to get the job done! They come with both 128 and 256 bit encryption. You can choose the one that you require based on  your technical needs. They are highly compatible with all the popular browsers that are widely used by users around the globe.

Another notable aspect of obtaining these is that they are issued with a short turnaround time. While the system behind the certificate is similar to a single certification, it is compatible and allows you to use it with hundreds of even thousands of extensions  you specify. Know how wildcard ssl helps.

A typical extension for using wildcard ssl will be determined by a *.domainname.com or *.www.domain.com and everything that you add in the asterisk area will be covered under the certification. The only condition that a service provider will pose is that your subdomain will be as you choose in the first place unlike a multiple domain certification.

Things To Check Before Buying

There are a whole lot of factors to take note of before you purchase a SSL certificate with the primary ones being the,

  • Encryption method which should be up-to-date. The most widely used is the 256 bit encryption method for increased security measures when you go for wildcard ssl.
  • A Site Seal is necessary so that people visiting the website, be it yours or your clients can know that the personal data that they share is always in encrypted format.
  • Pricing is another factor and when there are no hidden costs in the deal proposed, you can be assured that your budget is fixed for the entire year.

Meeting all the criteria specified above besides offering an exceptional level of protection and exclusive services like free website vulnerability scanning, Comodo Wildcard SSL certificate will be a great choice for your varied brand promotional and client service needs.

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