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Wildcard SSL – Why CA Certified Is Better?

March 25, 2013 | By  

Securing the transactions and providing a completely safe environment for your visitors is your sole responsibility. While it is usually achieved by using different types of certs including the wildcard SSL, there are some basic factors which you should be aware of. Certificate authorities are the companies behind issuing the private key to public and public keys to major browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Ice Dragon. The main players of Wildcard SSL certificate are limited in the industry and the brand reputation always comes with increased security measures which cannot be hacked by any malicious codes. In a recent news update, researchers who are dedicated to tracking the changes associated in the malware generation sector identified  that they are being embedded into private certs and are planted in an individual’s computer.

CA issued Wildcard ssl Versus Self-signed

The purpose of SSL is to encrypt the data, protect private information like credit card and debit card details, personal information and so on. They use 128-bit or 256-bit encryption to provide maximum possible security. But, when as an individual, if you attempt to sign your own cert and distribute it online, chances are hackers can easily identify it. The complex level of coding and framework developed by big companies in the industry is nowhere close to the user created encryption modules. Because of this reason, you should always stick to CA who have ample experience in securing various websites, have credibility in the industry and capable of being a verified source of trust.

After an extensive research conducted by the specialists on malware activities and practices in recent times, it was unveiled that people have even started establishing a company of their own and obtained wildcard ssl so as to promote malware to users around the globe. They also acquired their own certificate so as to sound legit and were delivering malicious content to plenty of users until the threat was identified. When using a SSL certificate authorized by reputed CA, the chances for such issues is completely minimal and they constantly monitor the websites signed up with them assisted by a technical team to ensure no trespassing occurs.

Earlier, the trend was hackers used to steal keys and try to fake them so as to make them look original. Now, they are trying to establish a company of their own so as to gain access from certified authorities but the scrutinized verification process revealed their true identity.

Comodo, a leading name in the industry offers officially certified Wildcard SSL and other types to its user. The brand reputation and secured levels are ultimate, providing your website reliable encryption solutions.

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