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Wildcard SSL And Google Rankings – Demystifying Its Influence

March 4, 2013 | By  

Whether the addition of a secured sockets layer certificate or better security measures affect existing google rankings? This is a common question found among most website owners and webmasters because Wildcard SSL is yet to be known for them. Throughout the years, there has always been a concern for security in the digital world yet very few were aware of the concept behind encrypting sensitive data. Those who came in late will already have an existing website, which is quite popular on search engines and generate enough sales throughout the month. In such scenarios, it is no wonder they feel skeptical about implementing a new certification to ensure users that they are sharing information with a legitimate website. The question grows bigger when you decide to secure all your existing domains and sub-domains with a single certification, the best choice is Wildcard SSL.

The Purpose Behind Wildcard SSL

If you have not read it anywhere by now, the purpose of using a secure sockets layer certificate is to encrypt sensitive data like credit card and personal information so that it don’t fall in the wrong hands. While small businesses and those who prefer to go for a more simplified version can opt for free SSL certificate, developed organizations usually choose any of the different variants from the paid version because they offer more freedom. The way Google bots operate is similar to that of other malicious software so it is important that the user specify the difference between bots which try to gather data, and those that are actually trying to list it for search engine rankings. Wildcard SSL helps in it.

Google Search Engine Rankings

Being able to reach the first position is a coveted task for most companies and once you have done so, the next step is to retain it for a long time to come. Besides, it is also important to create a sense of trust among your users with wildcard ssl so that they will feel free to share their personal details as well as payment information to make the purchase. Experts suggest that it has to be done by a professional and will reap benefits only if done in a proper manner. There are three golden rules that Google applies in deducing the credibility of a website and the certificate that it uses. It is also applicable for Wildcard SSL certificate as well.

Experts Suggestion

After much consideration, experts have come to a conclusion that Google is most likely to direct the traffic towards websites which are verified rather than those that may not have an identification. But, it doesn’t typically mean that the search engine is about to rank everything without certification lower. When it comes to websites which demand private information, it is better to have authority to get noticed.

In order to solve this purpose, SEO experts suggest that using more extensive solutions like EV SSL may work. Again, you are not required to use a certification in all your pages. Restricting it to those where information is being collected will be a more ideal choice. Google bots may not be allowed to read the information inside the page because sometimes they may assume legal ones to be malware. This will reduce the chances of getting listed in the results and will lead to reduced traffic.

You can avoid this by using the free SSL only on main domain as well as sub-domains where information is being shared by a third party. Both free and paid versions are equally secured yet the latter will have better features along with increased support. The extended validation certificate is one such where your company name, existence of organization will be verified before issuing.

A reliable and reputable solution lies with Comodo Wildcard SSL certificates which offer all types of certificates at affordable costs. It is recognized by leading search engines and organizations which will create brand value while securing private data.

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