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Know The Time Period In Buying Wildcard SSL

March 18, 2013 | By  

In order to ensure maximum security and privacy, secure sockets layer certificates are always issued with proper attention to detail. Be it domain validation, organization or extended validating process, there’s a different time period associated with each variant. Not all the certs are same because each one of them are designed for a purpose and are notified to the users through various notification methods. Besides, webmaster requirement might vary as well because when they are required to secure more than one domain at the same time, Wildcard SSL becomes a mandatory affair. The type of cert will secure and encrypt everything in the link provided after the asterisk sign.

An Introduction To Sub-domains And Wildcard SSL

If you are new to sub-domain and not well versed with the concept, it’s time you know more about it. While the main domain is what we address with www prefix and .com or similar suffix, the sub-domains fall in the same line yet they are separate pages. They are usually created to segregate a website’s pages in different areas like blogs, contact pages and more. From a search engine optimization point of view, this is a proper way to ensure that search engines like Google find your website and list your products or services the right way. The SSL certificate will favor secure operations and encrypt private data so that it is transferred to the right party without any intrusions.

Issuing The Certificate

Based on the type of  Wildcard SSL certificate you require, the time period will vary and there are instant certificate issuing available for those who want moderate protection levels. There won’t be any detailed background verification except for domain and organizational validation methods. The same can be said for this type of multi-domain SSL which will be issued with a short turnaround time of 48 hours or so. You can also get special assurance features from service providers like refund option as well as mandatory features including,

  • 2048 bit keys
  • 128 and 256 bit encryption
  • Maximum brwoser support for all major providers, 99.9%
  • Speedy online validation
  • unlimited server licenses

Users can avail more add-ons based on the plan and the certificate authority from whom they choose to purchase Wildcard SSL.

Comodo is one of the leading certificate authority and was part of the browser forum in establishing the extended validation certification. The  Wildcard SSL cert from Comodo comes with all above said features including one year free PCI scanning and daily website vulnerability check throughout the  year.

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