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How Wildcard SSL Facilitates Better SEO?

April 9, 2013 | By  

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of any website because people should be able to find the store when they are planning to buy something. And, wildcard SSL has an exceptional role to play in this because single domains are not enough for huge websites which have hundreds of pages spread across. Even small websites can make use of using sub-domains and more because it allows them to easily segregate between blogs, contact pages and product sales areas as well as the supporting pages. Everything that you specify under the wildcard will be secured and the transaction will be encrypted during transfer for maximum security. If you own an e-commerce website, it is your responsibility to make sure the information shared by the customers are kept safe.

Securing multiple domains with SSL Certs

While multiple domains can be secured using this type of SSL cert, they are applicable only to all sub-domains or main domain within the same server. In case, you are using more than one server at the same time and have split the site across, it is mandatory to buy another certificate in order to provide successful encryption solutions to your buyers. Besides, by default Cpanel for security purposes and proper configuration allows only one certification. Anything that comes within,

*.domain.com or *.www.domain.com

will come under the encrypted module. Apart from this type, there are also two other types of ssl certificate variants provided by the certificate authorities.

SEO Perspective

From a SEO viewpoint, using such encryption is considered to be a hindrance for Google bots but it is a myth which is strongly promoted due to unsaid reasons. In technical terms, they are capable of crawling unless you add robots.txt file or specify any filters which will prevent the crawling process. Using webmaster tools provided by search engines are a great way to make sure that crawling is frequent and all pages are accessible.

While there is always an option to generate private keys, those provided by the certificate authorities have better recognition. They have exceptional level of credibility among customers and the Site Seals will invariably boost your website’s performance. Instead of encrypting all pages, opting to use ssl certificate only in the transaction or information sharing page is another alternative.

Comodo Wildcard SSL is cost effective yet provides high level of security with premium features. Comodo is one of the leading certificate authorities and the site seal provided by the provider will gain instant customer trust.

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