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5 Reasons Why Wild Card SSL Is Best For Sub-Domains

February 25, 2013 | By  

With an increasing number of people going online to meet their daily requirements, shop for products and buy essential services in a virtual environment, it is important that they feel assured and completely secure while providing confidential information to a third party. If you are an e-commerce website owner or you are required to collect private information from your visitors, you are responsible for ensuring their safety.

While free SSL is a simplified option for websites which have minimal transaction requirements, going for paid options is the right choice for more serious vendors like you! An increased number of online frauds, phishing and scam is being carried out by malicious programmers but you can ensure that such vital data don’t fall in the wrong hands by obtaining secure sockets layer certification. It will encrypt all information that is shared between the host server and the users’ computer.

There are cases where you might be required to have multiple sub-domains for blogs, contact page or so on. When you are on a tight budget but  prefer providing secured transaction for all the sub-domains, Wildcard SSL is the most feasible option.

Unlimited Sub-Domains With A Single Wildcard SSL Certificate

There are various reasons that makes using sub-domains a mandatory affair. You may either want to create a blog, have specific pages for different products or so on. In such scenarios, maintaining various certificates and renewing them every year may not be the feasible option for all users which is when this option becomes an ideal choice. With a single Wildcard SSL certificate, you can create as many of them as required by specifying a format like *.domain.com or *.www.domain.com. It will be restricted to a particular extension.

Relatively Easy To Maintain

In an hypothetical scenario, if you have over thirty or fifty sub-domains established for your website, you will find it painfully difficult to deploy an individual certification for each one of them manually. Although, there are many variants of free certification available, you are required to go for a valid and officially accepted form, the Wildcard SSL when lot of sensitive data is gathered by your website. You can comfortably go for the same to meet your requirements efficiently.

Increased Compatibility

In the past, there was certain issues pertaining to the compatibility factor with mobile devices and older version of browsers. But, with an exceptional advancement in technology and better improvisation done by developers, it is no longer a factor and using wild card ssl methods have become extremely easy. The Wildcard SSL is  visible on all mobile devices running latest operating systems.

Unique Private Key For Each

For increased security and also to address the question put forth by security vendors with regards to using a single private key for all certificates, the wildcard SSL certificate issuing companies now provide different keys for better security. This ensures that the certificate that you receive is as secure as a single one while you have the freedom to use them on many sub-domains as per your needs.

Exponentially Cheaper And Budget Friendly

One of the key factors that you can go for is the extremely budget friendly  Wildcard SSL, when you are planning to get tens of sub-domains certified at the same time. Even though, single EV SSL certificate is considered the best way for maximum security, you can experience an equivalent yet budget friendly method of security by using wild card option. When you buy it, you get unlimited server and domain licenses allowing you to utilize it in as many servers as required besides increasing sub-domains to suit your business needs.

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