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Comparison of the Top 5 Website Security Software

December 28, 2017 | By  

Why Website Security is essential for your firm…

The recent ransomware and malware attacks have jolted and shattered the activities of many leading firms, globally. This, in fact, is just the beginning. Many more such attacks seem to be in the offing.

Well, there’s no need to panic. You could prepare yourself to combat these attacks, especially by getting and implementing the best website security software for your firm.

Website security is simply not protecting against threats on a particular server or certain websites alone; it also includes securing your endpoints, thereby making it a complete package of security.

Top 5 Best Website Security Software for 2018

Since website security is of pivotal importance for any organization today, the selection of the right software or service agents also becomes equally significant.
Let’s discuss here the top 5 website security software, for 2018…

  • Comodo cWatch
  • Sitelock
  • Sucuri
  • Rapid 7
  • NetSparker

1. Comodo cWatch:

Comodo cWatch is a SaaS-based Managed Security Service (MSS) for websites and applications and operates in Cloud Network.

This software combines a Web Application Firewall (WAF), which is provisioned over a secure content delivery network (CDN). Comodo cWatch comes from a team of analysts who form a round-the-clock CSOC (Cyber Security Operation Center) and has as its strength a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) that leverages data from over 85 million endpoints to detect and mitigate threats before they occur. Comodo cWatch also includes malware detection, scanning and prevention, plus PCI Compliance as well.

Comodo cWatch features to look out for:

  • Delivers all your web content very fast by caching at global data center
  • Easy to use WAF which operates on every web server
  • Integrated with SIEM which brings in the most advanced threat protection
  • 24/7 security monitoring done with the help of experts in a global manner
  • Improves website performance and keeps threats at bay using DDoS Protection
  • Detects and wipes out malware as soon as they make an entry or during suspicious activity
  • Automatic blacklist repairs initiated which makes your website authentic and great for Search Engines
  • Comodo cWatch comprises PCI Compliance which protects online merchant stores without much hassle
  • Great endpoint protection offered…suitable for any kind of industry, small or big.

2. Sitelock:

Sitelock is a cloud-based software which offers complete website protection that automatically detects threats, fixes them and prevents future attacks. It also enhances website performance and helps online merchants to meet PCI Compliance standards through the U.S- based 24/7 support that’s offered.

Features of Sitelock to be looked out for:

  • Detects and removes Malware in no time
  • Truecode Static Application Testing (TAST) that analyzes the source of website and applications
  • DDoS Protection offered for DNS and Web Apps
  • Infinity Scan that double scans your website and application to detect threats
  • WAF that brings in great protection for your website
  • PCI Compliance and SAQ brought in for secure e-commerce business

3. Sucuri

Sucuri is a managed security service provider which operates on the Cloud. The cloud-based program ensures complete security for your website and includes an antivirus and firewall. Sucuri is suitable for any business or website owner wanting to have web security at ease.

Get to know the features of Sucuri:

  • Continous scanning of your website done through the remote scanning and service side scanning options
  • Blocks all hackers instantly through WAF, DDoS Mitigation and Virtual Patching.
  • Any issue or blacklist warnings for your website removed with the help of experts.
  • Increase the performance of your website through the CDN, Gzip Compression and Smart Caching Options.
  • Restore and backup all your data in the cloud

4. Rapid 7:

Rapid 7 offers complete website security through their advanced analytics feature that effectively analyzes risk, detects attacks and prioritizes remediation. With its automation and focus on simplifying, it helps you focus on more strategic and high impact projects at ease.

Features of Rapid 7:

  • Vulnerability Management done at ease using cloud powered application system
  • Minimizes the entire workload of your team using the AppSpider application
  • Continuous support offered by the experts; it helps bring in the best security for your website and applications
  • Protects your endpoints using the InsightVM tool that prioritizes vulnerabilities based on the needs
  • Complete Vulnerability Management, User Behavior Analytics offered
  • Secures your entire IoT environment without much hassle and thereby increasing customer credibility

5. NetSparker:

NetSparker is a website security software which is available for all platforms. This software is easy-to-use web application security scanner which has advanced vulnerability scanning technology and in-built penetration tests.

Features of NetSparker:

  • Easy-to-use software which can be operated even by a beginner
  • SDLC Integration which brings about complete web application security within no time
  • Detailed vulnerability reports offered which helps detect and cleanse threats at ease
  • Fully configurable scanning mechanism which lets you choose only the specific parts of your application that require attention
  • In-built reports offered which help you in studying the nature of the vulnerability in a detailed manner
  • Web Service Scanning which helps to automatically scan, crawl and identify vulnerabilities.

What is the relevance of such a comparison, as regards the security of your website?

Well, there are lots of other website security software as well. We’ve listed only the best ones- the ones that offer great security. Every single product out in the market there has its own unique features, but the aspect that’s to be given utmost priority is affordability.

Of the five products we have listed, the cWatch application from Comodo is definitely the best option. It is affordable plus it offers innumerable security checks for both your servers, endpoints and payment gateways.

However, it’s always good to compare all possibilities for securing your business. To know more about the best among all kinds of security software and for total website security, visit the Comodo cWatch page: https://cwatch.comodo.com/plans.php

Best Website Security Software

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