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What Makes SSL Encryption Mandatory?

January 3, 2014 | By Editor 

SSL Encryption

Among other types of online security solutions, encryption done using SSL certs are considered most reliable for more than two decades one. Ever since the time when online shopping started evolving, these certificates were ushered in by legitimate certificate authorities. The people behind the technology took care of the security infrastructure and the task of maintaining private as well as public keys. If one asks whether it is mandatory or not, a strong answer would be a definite yes because encrypted data is always safer than using plain text.

Whenever a third-party intrusion occurs or if someone tries to tamper the data being transferred, their plans cannot be carried out because of the fact that multiple layers of cryptography has to be decrypted to know what’s contained inside. This security measures make sure credit card details and passwords entered online never falls in the wrong hands. The implementation ensures customers that their data is safe and they can shop with confidence.

Secure sockets layer without a doubt is the backbone of internet security establishment. The internet is made of collection of millions of web pages and SSL without a doubt is a reliable solution to secure these pages, whenever they transact user information. Sensitive information encrypted makes sure only the intended recipient can read it and not anyone else. The technology is also notified to users whenever a website uses it with https urls, site seals and green address bar when extended validation cert is used.

Authentication is another important step where the certificate authority will monitor the information being transmitted and authenticate its verity before the approval. Only then the same will be delivered to the destination. This is done using a PKI or public key infrastructure which will be matched with the private key to make sure no malware was injected into the package enroute.

Certificate authorities also known as SSL providers are important because they are the medians who issue a certificate to a company after verifying its authenticity. They also take care of maintenance and the trust part, so that consumers can rely on other parties to know if a website is legitimate or not. Gaining customers trust is the ultimate goal and it is what these certs help merchants achieve, creating brand awareness about their product as well as the online shop. Trust seal is usually provided by the CA who offers the certificate, which is another visual indicator that plays an integral role in conversion rates.

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