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SSL Update Denies Access to Yahoo E-mail Users

February 19, 2014 | By Editor 

SSL Access Denied

While Google has already completed updating all their services from the conventional 128 bits encryption to the latest, more secure 256 bits, Yahoo is fast on its way. But, the company faced an outage which left a large group of Yahoo mail users from being unable to use their services. It was unexpected and was not planned or announced earlier that annoyed majority of them. The issue was caused by the mandatory SSL integration to their e-mail service.

Yahoo took to their Facebook page to officially announce that there have been issues because of this update and services will resume shortly. They also added that users can continue to access their e-mail messages without any issue on their smartphone or tablet. It was meet with another slew of negative comments that the service doesn’t work as promised on their mobile devices as well. Their response was, they are working on it and the service is fully running at the moment.

Earlier, a week ago Yahoo made it official that all E-mail messages will not be accessible unless SSL is made mandatory. It was said to be a step up to stop cyber-criminals from snooping around or spreading malware into messages. But, in fact it was a strong step against stopping government agencies and any other legal body from reading what users exchange between them. Encryption is being promoted as the next digital revolution which will change the industry for good and help stop private companies from poking their nose into user data.

 Even though, no one is sure about using this as a sole security measure at the moment, companies have already started adopting it to be their primary goal. Yahoo announced that they have recently updated all their servers which will allow incoming signals only from secure access point that uses HTTPS or secure protocols for added safety.

It is common for both web client as well as the mobile device. Yahoo Mail users in order to enjoy their new facility has to make sure SSL is turned on in both their computers as well as mobile devices to continue enjoying their privileges. HTTPS will hereafter be the default web address to access the mail service, failing to do so will not allow them to access the website.

Recent news revealed over two million passwords were hacked from major service providers which demands stricter security measures to be implemented as soon as possible. Checking device settings and the URL is the right way to keep using Yahoo as you should. The company will keep on a watch to see if their new upgrade is working as it should.

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