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Microsoft Pushes Encrypted Messages For Office 365

January 21, 2014 | By Editor 

Microsoft Office SSL“There was a time when encryption used to be a tool for the professional experts, security geeks and people who think privacy is of utmost concern.”

Privacy is something that every third person is talking about because users believe that their data is being monitored by their own service provider or some surveillance agency at the moment. This kind of uneasy situation has led to multiple web companies going the encryption way.

When Google announced that SSL encryption with latest 2048 bits will be added to all their services, it was considered a complex idea. But, the company successfully completed its integration ahead of their schedule which helped them promote the idea that encryption is so mandatory.

Yahoo followed suit and confirmed that by next year, all their E-mail services will be using this secure method to be on the safe side. The tool not only helps in stopping malware intruders from injecting malicious content or tampering with data, but also increases privacy by keeping confidential information quarantined from prying eyes.

“Recently, Microsoft has made it official that the company will actually be using encrypted messages for all items sent and received through Office 365 online application.”

The implementation will play an integral role in making the web more private and will ensure that users can send confidential email with complete assurance. Any data within the Office 365 will be SSL encrypted for added protection. One of the biggest advantages of this new service is that, common users usually find it too complex to setup encrypted email because they are completely unaware of the security features and the myraid range of security settings provided inside. Automatic encryption module will get the job done on their behalf and users will receive the mail with instructions on how to open the encryption legally to read contents within.

Users can now choose to use SSL communication to every E-mail service provider online. It is a great addition for business communication, which is highly confidential and requires assurance that unauthorized access will not be entertained. An encrypted message with step-by-step instructions will be provided to the recipient. Anyone can open the attachment from their inbox as it doesn’t require any special plugins or software to be read. Users should authenticate their credentials using a Microsoft account or a 365 account in order to proceed. The new addition will also make enterprise administration much easier.

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