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IETF Pioneers SSL Usage For Assuring Better Privacy

February 28, 2014 | By Editor 

IETF Pioneers SSL Usage For Assuring Better Privacy

The group named Internet Engineering Task Force or simply IETF is now officially approved. The plans they have prompted to implement is now on the go. Their main motto is to stop surveillance from happening in every corner. This is about to be done by using best SSL encryption methods for private internet communication and to stop robots from gathering all those massive internet data into one storage space.

According to their official release, the task force is made up of a group of experts including vendors, research teams, designers, developers and operators, brought under one roof. While it is already known that the main push that led to the formation of this group is the NSA surveillance program, it is also being said as a reliable option to move internet to the next level.

Encryption used to be a small percentage in the past, but is now being used by majority of websites and will soon form a major share of the internet. Reading information stored within is much difficult these days because all these files are in a different format and plain text is no longer the choice of format.

Earlier, the IETF began by associating themselves with multiple vendors and organizations to stop undermining trust so as to hinder pervasive monitoring which is being forced on people. The community will also focus on Transport Layer Security, which will continue with SSL encryption in the near future.

Other encryption based security enhancements including IMAP internet message access protocol, XMPP and SMTP simple mail transfer protocol will be implemented as well. Hypertext transfer protocol or http is part of their better implementation of privacy. The group believes that encrypting all data will play a vital role in making the internet fully private and will stop any type of third party from poking in.

It will not only help in curbing surveillance process, but stop all types of cyber crimes from taking place. Cyber criminals will find themselves in peril when trying to read information during transfer and hacking or malicious injections will be reduced as well.

Even though, the idea of deploying TSL and SSL sounds quite promising, it is not an easy task. It takes a long time to actually make every website adopt this technology and to successfully use them on a regular basis. The working group should overcome the obstacles posed by the deceptive, simple technology, which is not such an easy deployment method, but rather quite complex. The erudite team members in the channel will come to their rescue with their extensive knowledge and with proper support from sponsors, it is believed to become a huge success in the near future.

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