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Learn Why SSL Won’t Affect Your Google Rankings

April 11, 2013 | By  

Website owners misunderstand that Google rankings are invariably affected and it’s hard to get a boost in the search engine results when using SSL certificate. As a matter of fact, this is a myth which is widely believed by many website owners. It’s the right time that you learn more about SEO, the various factors that affect it and the specific ones that are closely related to security certificates. The most prominent personalities from the popular search engine company do promote ideas, give tips and guide webmasters on how to get their websites ranked the right way. Know the nuances and basics of getting a website recognized while avoiding most common mistakes that might affect the search rankings in the first place.

Know How To Get Better Rankings With SSL

Use a proper URL

Most webmasters skip the fact that the unique resource locator or the commonly used URL plays a prominent part in determining your website’s success. Those which use ssl certificates will usually have a https link but if a website has normal pages as well, they will be using the usual http protocol. This will lead to URL canonicalization which in simple terms means your own website links will start shadowing other pages which will affect the final rankings. Make sure to redirect your websites accordingly so that each page will be treated as separate content and not confused by search engine bots to be duplicates.

Most common tips include

  • Explore your HSTS properly and make required configuration
  • When using webmaster tools, use https site as a separate one to monitor traffic and statistics. Even though, it is your same domain, it is an actual website which is different from the original from a robot’s perspective.
  • The website layout and backend framework should be capable of handling all types of tough operations including secure certs and caching.
  • Make sure to Compare SSL to know its features so that you buy the appropriate product.

An important fact is that any website which is shifted from http to https url, Google will consider it to be a new website. Be prepared to do plenty of optimization before the site goes live. For online stores which are in existence for long, implementing SSL certificate will be bit more complex when compared to newly established one. Comodo secure certificates work on 256-bit encryption, have 99.9% browser compatibility, are easy to install and comes with reliable, throughout the clock technical support.

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