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Ensuring Proper Cyber Security Measures for Small Businesses

March 31, 2017 | By  

Cyber security issues for small businesses have been showing an increasing trend in the last five to six years. In fact, small businesses are preferred targets for many cyber criminals; the reasons are obvious. Firstly, many small businesses won’t be having the resources to invest in security, especially the way big enterprises do. Secondly, there might not be trained security personnel in such small companies and the employees working there might not be too security conscious either. Thirdly, small businesses might host their databases in shared domains or servers, which would make the same very vulnerable; and last but not the least, many small businesses don’t care to invest in security software.

Security should always be given utmost importance, even by small businesses. This because it’s not just organizational data that’s at risk, it’s the sensitive personal data of customers too that could get stolen and misused. If this continues to happen frequently, for any business, it could lead to loss of reputation and trust, which would eventually lead to the downfall of the business itself.

Ensuring Proper Cyber Security Measures for Small Businesses

There are some very basic and simple cyber security measures that can be adopted by small businesses today. Let’s discuss some of these basic security measures here…

Begin with the basics, the very basic security software…
That any system, network or internet device today needs to be protected with an antivirus/antimalware software is known to all. In addition to having a trusted anti malware program installed, small businesses should also give importance to setting up firewalls, which prevents unauthorized elements from getting into the server environment and regulates the flow of information between the server system and the internet. Antivirus protection, of course, becomes a basic necessity since intrusions can happen via the internet or through USB thumb drives, external hard disks etc. Also invest in the necessary security software- POS security, MDM software etc and keep them all updated.

Go for proper HTTPS encryption
Enterprises, big or small, go for SSL certificates and wildcard SSL certificates today. This because proper HTTPS encryption has become a must for all business websites. Having an SSL certificate for the company website(s) is always advisable. A wildcard SSL certificate would help develop trust in the minds of customers. Wildcard SSL certificate helps customers identify secure websites; this would make them confident about doing transactions on the company website(s). The other aspect of having SSL certificate and HTTPS encryption for a website is that today such websites top in search engine searches as well.

Update patches, have data backups
Many small businesses tend to ignore the need to keep updating their software patches, which leads to security vulnerabilities. So it becomes a must for all businesses to update latest software patches and thus ensure proper security.
Having data backups is critical for the success of any company. If a security attack happens and all data is lost, data backup could be used to restore normalcy to business operations. The backup should be periodically updated too.

Password management is a must
For any business, password management is important. This applies to passwords used on the organizational level as well as those used by employees. So make it a policy to go for strong and secure passwords, and also remember that the passwords need to be changed regularly.

Ensure proper BYOD security, MDM
Proper BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) security, apt MDM (Mobile Device Management) happen to be key to the security of all kinds of businesses today. For any company to be secure, it becomes a must that all mobile devices attached to the organization network are secured in the proper way.

Train employees about security, phishing emails etc…
Security begins on the personal level, starting with the employees of a business organization. Thus it becomes important that employees within an organization are trained well, as regards different aspects of security. They need to be trained on how to stay safe from phishing emails and all such things.

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