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SSL Security And Its Importance On Secured Banking

February 20, 2013 | By  

Across the board in the financial world; the use of a reliable SSL Certificate to power banking and financial websites are becoming common place. SSL security is now an integral part. And although this might seem to be a no-brainer in regards to protecting the identity of banking customers, there are other several reasons why most financial institutions are choosing reliable and high-tech SSL Certificate software to power their online networks.

For those who might not be complete familiar with SSL Certificates, this online security feature is the quickest and most effective measure any online businesses can install to protect each customer interaction and financial transaction powered by a high assurance SSL security certificate. This certificate is proudly displayed on the website in several different ways based on the specific SSL Certificate used on the website.

Enhance Experience With SSL Security

An EV SSL certificate, the highest SSL Security is displayed in the menu bar as either a green or yellow highlighted URL. When clicked, this EV SSL certificate will display important information to each website customer, showing them that the website is protected, verified and a reliable and trustworthy connection.

A standard SSL Certificate is usually noticeable by looking at the bottom of a website, and this SSL Security tends to power any web sub-domain that is intended for individuals to enter private information onto the website; such as driver license, birthdates, address and other private info. Some of the unique features of Comodo’s SSL Certificates that several financial institutions rely on include:

  • A simple to understand ‘point-to-verify’ technology that was designed to show banking customers verified credentials which indicates that the online connection is factual, secure and safe for customer use. This is highly critical in the banking industry as without this important security feature, third party hackers could easily log onto your session and steal a consumer account numbers, passwords and even make deposits to other accounts.
  • Comodo SSL Certificates are built with 2048 bit-signatures and can be powered by as much as 256 encryption measures to give the banking industry the highest possible SSL Security standards available. It is estimated that over 85% of online banking customers need to verify their website as being secure before entering any personal information. As such, you can easily see why any bank needs to have a trustworthy SSL Certificate to power their website.
  • The powerful digital SSL Certificates support this security feature with 128 / 256 bit-encryption, a customer care support group that is top-notch and even a warranty up to $250,000 provided to Comodo customers.

The banking and financial industry rely on these powerful SSL Certificate not only to protect their customers, but also to prevent thieves from hacking into their network and potentially stealing the identities of thousands of banking customers.

The sad truth is that today’s online world is filled with hazardous threats. And each of these online predators is ready and willing to steal private information to pad their own bank accounts. It is for this reason that any smart financial institution should highly consider installing a trustworthy SSL Certificate such as ones provided by Comodo – not only for their protection, but to provide their customers with peace of mind knowing their money and private information is as secure as possible.

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