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SSL Warning in Google Webmaster Tools

May 8, 2014 | By Editor 

SSL Warning

On April 30 and May 1, the Google webmaster forum received a barrage of questions pertaining to issues in Google Tools and notifications about secured sockets layer (SSL) certificate errors. The SSL warnings were sent through Google Webmaster Tools. This is not first time Google has issued certificate security warnings; back in 2009, the search engine giant began issuing notices to Webmasters on SSL Security certificate issues. And out of the blue, on April 30, many people started receiving them all at once.

In a SSL warning notification to a web developer, Google Web Crawling Team has stated that the webmaster’s site was using a SSL Certificate that was not recognized by web browsers and this would cause browsers to block users from accessing web master’s site or would display a warning message when the site is accessed. In order to rectify the issue, Googlebot requested the webmaster to buy a new secured SSL Certificate from a reliable Certificate Authority (CA). On the other hand, webmasters have claimed that certain messages were sent in error; either the SSL Cert worked good or the website did not have a certificate at all. One webmaster wrote that he had received the same message and it was annoying since his site did not use SSL.

In an attempt to clear the air, John Mueller of Google wrote in a Webmaster Help thread about Google’s decision to pause the SSL Security warnings temporarily since they were causing much confusion, and that Google will work on making them more clearer and better. He further elaborated that though it would not be practical for all websites to serve their content in a proper way on HTTPS, the hoster will have the option to either serve content properly through HTTPS or not serve at all. Without a valid SSL certificate, serving content will result in users seeing frightening browser warnings. He concluded by assuring that Google was vigorously working on the issue and will return soon.

So, the warnings may have been right but were a bit exaggerated forcing immediate action from Google.

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