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Massive Security Breach Confirmed By Adobe

October 7, 2013 | By  

Security Breach

Security breaches in major companies is now of a primary concern and the next big name which has publicly declared that they experienced security breach is Adobe. The company is one of the leading graphic software program designers and in this recent security issue, they have lot a huge amount of passwords stored online. SSL certificates used to secure them continues to be the most anti-hacking tool that saved the organization from losing vital user data to unknown third parties.

According to official report, over 2.9 million customers who use Adobe products were affected by this breach even though their information will not be readily readable by the hackers. The attackers have managed to steal credit card, debit card information, personal details, encrypted passwords and other profile data during this breach. Even though, the customer base breached is massive the company confirmed that no loss has been reported so far and they are working to take steps to secure access.

Adobe representative speaking to the media confirmed that they are working round the clock to solve this issue at the earliest. A scheduled e-mail is being sent to all customers whose passwords were on the list, asking them to change it at the earliest. Even though, they were encrypted using SSL certificates, changing them is much safer and even if the hackers manage to read them they will no longer have access to the accounts. The company is in talks with federal agents and security firms besides banks to lock down information of cards that were stolen during the breach.

A huge list of debit and credit card information were also compromised during this attack which is expected to be solved by asking banks to stop any unauthorized payments processed by the potential attackers. Adobe also offers one year credit monitoring membership for customers who prefer to safeguard their information with further scrutinizing.

Customers are requested to expect an e-mail from Adobe in case their information was among those that were compromised during the breach. Cyber attacks is one of the foremost concern of companies in modern times which stop them from focusing on other productive issues. A properly set up SSL  will prevent such issues from happening.  Adobe is investigating another issue which reveals that several product source codes where compromised during an earlier hack. This attempt hardly affects customers and every data stored on the cloud is secure but source codes being with hackers is not good news for the company because they tend to develop new products based on those.

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