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Market share trends for SSL CAs : The leaders…

April 11, 2016 | By Editor 

Independent IT market research firm and ranking authority w3Techs.com have come up with their latest report that shows the market share trends for SSL certificate authorities since April 2015. The report, which analyses the trend month by month from April 2015 to April 2016, includes some very interesting findings…

Comodo has emerged clear winners by registering 40.8% of the market share in the SSL industry while all others have been left far behind. Even Comodo’s main competitor Symantec has managed to bag a mere 26.6% of the market share. Next in the line is the GoDaddy Group with just 12 percent. GlobalSign is next with 9.7 percent while none of the others have managed to go above the 3 percent mark. Another notable thing about the findings in the report is that other than Comodo, the other lead players in the SSL industry have shown a downward trend as regards the market share. As for Comodo, it was a 34.7% market share that the company registered in April 2015. Then, over the next seven months, the company managed to register a consistent increase, taking the figure to 40.8% by year end. In 2016 the figure has been rather steady, wavering between 40.7 and 40.9 percent. As for Symantec, while it was 32.6% in April 2015, it kept going down and by April 2016, it has dipped to 26.6%. For GoDaddy too, it has been a dip from 14.1 percent to 12% while for GlobalSign it is from 10 percent to 9.7 percent, over the same period.

This makes Comodo the undisputed leaders in the field of SSL certificate authorities. Comodo was founded in 1998 by Melih Abdulhayoğlu, a Turkish American entrepreneur who graduated from the University of Bradford. Melih, who has remained the CEO of the company, had founded Comodo in the UK and later in 2004, he relocated it to Jersey City, NJ USA . Over the years, the company has registered good growth and has now emerged undisputed leaders in the field of internet security products, especially the SSL certificates.

The official website of Comodo states that the company “…has been built upon the very foundation of trust, believing that every single digital transaction must have a built-in layer of trust and security. Thousands of companies and organizations rely on Comodo’s technology to authenticate, validate and secure their most precious asset – information – and to combat constant malware threats and cyberattacks that are creating havoc on a global scale.” The Comodo website also makes this notable proclamation- “From the individual to the corporation, everyone has the right to a trustworthy and secure environment and it is the job of Comodo to provide the technology solutions that secure and preserve that experience. For the employees of Comodo, this is our life’s work – creating an environment of trust for our current and future customers.”

The other lead players in the field of SSL Certificates are Symantec, GoDaddy and GlobalSign, companies that too have made their presence felt in the global market…

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