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Impact of SSL Reviews on SSL Purchase

October 29, 2014 | By Editor 


For all the convenience and ease online shopping offers, it has one major disadvantage in the form of uncertainty. A customer’s inability to try on a jeans is the reason why most shopping carts are abandoned.

This is why online reviews are so critical for the success of a business. With everything becoming online today, the usefulness of online reviews to a consumer are obvious. This hold true for any product, especially software.

Unlike most products, there is nothing called as “ immediate physical trial” for software commodity. Because of this very reason, consumer feedback is so important when buying a software product. Here, we will see about how SSL reviews influence the purchase of an SSL certificate.

SSL Purchase

Impact of SSL Reviews on SSL Purchase

  • There are a lot of SSL providers today , also called certificate authorities (CA), who offer consumers quality SSL certificates.
  • And many businesses in the IT industry fear negative reviews owing to the heavy competition. Considering the fact that 80 percent of customers read online SSL reviews before making a decision, the fear, to certain extent, is justified.
  • SSL reviews make SSL brands seem trustworthy, offering them a way to reach customers directly, respond to criticisms (positive and negative), and build healthy relationships. Most likely customers follow a transaction, if they see a positive feedback.
  • Encouraging customers to leave SSL Reviews will help in improving a SSL brand’s reputation for excellent customer support that further results in more conversions.
  • Positive user reviews on a SSL purchase increase the reputation and sales of a business, while negative reviews provide room for improvement. Further, pessimistic reviews let a CA know what is wrong with its product, straight from a customer’s mouth. The SSL provider can correct the error, address the feedback, and come out better than before. A study shows that 95 percent of customers return if a problem is resolved efficiently and quickly.
  • Ninety percent of customers trust online reviews meaning that the SSL vendors selling them appear credible and trustworthy.
  • Reviews on SSL certificates allow customers to view the CA as legitimate and encourages repeat SSL purchases. If a CA has a large number of positive reviews, they help build a brand’s profile almost immediately.
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