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WordPress Open Source Blogging Platform Security Updates

September 13, 2013 | By  

Almost half of the entire world population works with WordPress because it is not only the most popular blogging platform but is also highly secure, easy to use and comes with variety of templates that users can customize. The open source community is now busy updating with SSL Certificate upgrades and other security measures to ensure that private data is kept safe. In recent times, the number of hacking attempts and malware distribution is on the rise. While on one side there is NSA surveillance issues, there’s another where attackers are always prowling the web trying to find unsuspecting victims to inject malware into their computers. Website owners trust SSL Certificate to be the most reliable method of encryption and security. It is without a doubt the secure sockets layer had always proven its mettle except for attacks that took place mainly because of missed security updates at user end.

Besides, using Java seems to be the main reason for such attacks that exploit the bugs found. Oracle recently rolled out another update for Java 7 that fixed an array of bugs besides introducing new security features. Google updated their SSL Certificate to higher encryption modules for securing privacy and in the same line, WordPress is set to roll out a new version 3.6.1 which comes with three security vulnerability fixes. According to data, over 70 million websites run wordpress around the globe. They provide free updates from time to time to enhance user experience, make web more secure but sometimes users shy away from updating because of their plugin compatibility. Staying updated is mandatory if you like your website to be secure and make sure you visitors are safe as well. SSL Certificate is mandatory for payment pages. WordPress which allows self-host solution is the one that is being solely focused by this update. Users can instantly upgrade to the new version through their admin panel.

Version 3.6.1 claims to have fixed the escalation issue as well that prevents users with author role to create posts in another author name. Insufficient input validation vulnerability is also being fixed with this new update. The developers have also considered going beyond fixing immediate flaws by establishing better security restrictions with cross site scripting or XSS. Files with .exe and .swf will no longer be allowed by default to reduce malware infection. A total of 13 additional bug fixes has also been bundled with this update.

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