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Will Firewall and Encrypted SSL slow down internet?

November 7, 2013 | By Editor 

Firewall Protection

Security software solutions which are power consuming and has the disadvantage of using too much PC power is considered a not-so-worthy update by users. For this reason, many users around the globe detain from using antivirus software and firewall because they simply make your computer crawl like snail. Even though, this is not a proven fact and majority of users do rely on these tools for security, it’s time to know a solid answer to this question.

Similarly, websites using SSL Certificates are much more secure because they encrypt every piece of information that is transmitted through and will make sure no one reads the data even if it gets compromised by an attacker along the path. One should know the fact that this is the first line of defense that anyone has in a computer or an entire network. Saying no to the services will make you prone to security attacks and may lead to complete loss of data if a third-party gains access.

Sometimes, the issue with regards to firewall exists. It also prevails for antivirus programs because they block gamers from going online. Even when they do so, the computer will not be ready to connect to other users and will hinder gamers from playing multiplayer titles. It can be solved using gaming mode in antivirus programs.

At the same time, SSL Certificates hardly have such issues as they are made to encrypt data and not hinder network speed. The fact is sometimes firewall may change settings or the default router settings will not work. In this scenario, make sure you alter them accordingly. Users should change the settings and can allow the firewall to accept connections. This will solve any speed issues and one will be able to enjoy the best internet speed available at their home or office. Besides, skipping to use firewall will allow every file to pass through and it is not the safest method to go online.

On the other side, SSL Certificates have a completely different side and their encryption is automatically taken care of by the certificate authorities. Websites will readily be readable by search engines and if it requires, proper coding languages and alterations in the meta description will make it much more search engine friendly.

Using security tools and encryptions are mandatory because malware attacks are on the rise. Hackers are deploying new methods to compromise computers and download data without proper authorization. Computers which lack even the basic defense can instantly be accessed and losing data will cost you a lot, for such careless planning.

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