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Why SSL Certificates are Essential to Web Business Growth

December 10, 2012 | By  

No matter how you spin it – one of the biggest keys to web generated business is safety and security for the people who shop on a website. And the best way for any online business to ensure that their customers are protected with each online transaction is to install a reliable and trustworthy SSL Certificate.

The name of the game these days in any business is developing trust between both the business and the customers who support them. From truth in advertising to providing great value on the goods and services that a business provides, there are many methods that businesses use to develop this important customer relationship. But, what is surprising is that one of the easiest things an online merchant can do to create this trust with their online shoppers is to protect their privacy with the use of a quality SSL Certificate such as the ones Comodo offers.

There are many benefits of using SSL Certificate but when you break it down in simple terms as we’ve listed below, it becomes plainly obvious why, as an online merchant you need High Assurance SSL Certificates installed on your website.

SSL Certificates provide online merchants with:

  • Safety and security for all visitors by providing trust indicators which increase total confidence in your brand, goods and services you sell and your website’s integrity
  • SSL Certificates allow any customer who visits your website to feel confident that when they visit your website,  that they can securely enter  personal information – such as credit card numbers, date of birth and other private information on your website and server
  • SSL Certificates also allow you to increase your online visitors conversion rate; which in turn increases your brands profit margin
  • Creates a layer of trust between you and your customers by partnering with a reliable SSL Certificate vendor
  • Ensure your website stays free of unwanted hacker attacks, phishing scams or other sensitive information stealing platforms

There are also several ancillary benefits to owning a reliable and trustworthy SSL Certificate that most online business owners never consider. When you place a trustworthy SSL Certificate on your website, it instantly puts you in line with the world’s largest companies like Apple, HP, NASA and others who rely on SSL Certificate technology to protect their assets daily.

You also create an increased level of brand awareness but more importantly, you develop what all businesses actively seek – brand affection from your customers and all those who conduct business with your company. Brand affection is a critical component to achieving business success due to the simple fact that once a customer trusts your company – they go out of their way to use your services or buy your products.

Today’s business world and especially the online world is filled with individuals and companies who simply can’t be trusted. And when you’re attempting to build an online marketplace, you must begin with ensuring all of your customers that your website is safe and secure – which can only be done by installing a high-quality SSL Certificate on your website.

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