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SSL Certificates Encryption And Why Customers Should Look For One?

September 5, 2013 | By  

With increasing malware threats, online account hacking and security threats, consumers are not sure whether they can actually indulge in activities online. But, at the same time saying no to the web is virtually impossibly because of the huge advantage that it offers to accomplish day to day activities with this. The SSL certificates answer the question in the most legitimate way possible. They are being used by almost every organization, corporate company, bank and online store to provide safe, encrypted access for its users.

The internet is now the ground for sharing everything right from personal information to credit card details and even your home address. In such a scenario, if a hacker gains access to one profile or multiple profiles he or she will be able to diagnose almost your entire life in a blinking minute. The SSL certificates avoid this issue because it encrypts every packet of data transferred online. Even, if someone manages to grab hold of the information, they will be lost and can hardly read what’s being transferred from one point to another.

Why customers should know it?

Most ardent online shoppers and people who constantly use the web to complete financial transactions will usually be familiar with the concept of SSL certificates. They are certs issued by reputed and recognized certificate authorities. A website which has been certified holds the technology and technical background required to encrypt each piece of data before it travels the vast digital world. The certificate authorities or CA help websites make this possible.

All they have to do is install the SSL certificates in their server. A public key will be given to different browsers while the website will carry a private key. Only when both these keys match, the encrypted data will be open to read and the browser will display the necessary information. Such steps ensure that your credit card details and payment information never goes out of hand to a hacker making it completely safe to transact online.

Before buying a product, check if the final payment page is secured. The SSL certificates indicator such as certificate authority’s seal, green address or golden padlock will be displayed on the page. If none of them is present and the website URL features a simple http instead of https prefix, then you should re-consider buying stuff from the website. The same goes for dealing with organizations and companies which do not use SSL certificates in their product or service pages. Be aware of the use of these certificates and decide accordingly.

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