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SSL Certificates And Why It’s Vital For Start-Up Business

February 7, 2013 | By  

If you’re a new business start-up and are in the process of building any online presence, you must begin and end your website development with a quality SSL Certificates. However, the constant struggle in any start-up business is often money. It is a constant struggle to decide how to spend limited resources, and when you’re building any website, this must be a consideration.

Building any company is all about establishing solid brand recognition from the start. Whether this is the logo that represents your company, to the way you format every email you send to potential customers, building relationships which prove your company is professional from the start is the best way to engage any new customers. And in regards to any online platform, the best way to develop that strong customer loyalty from the beginning is with the installation of a powerful and trustworthy SSL Certificate.

What are SSL Certificates?

An SSL Certificate is also known as a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is designed to encrypt the information posted on your website to ensure the only person who can view this information is the sole individual accessing your website from their specific computer network. This virtually eliminates the ability for online hackers, identity thefts or malware uploads to occur. It provides your customers and potential customers with a trustworthy online experience and most importantly creates a high level of trust in your company.

How does it develop trust in Consumers?

SSL Certificate like the free SSL offered by Comodo shows your potential customers that you have their safety and security top-of-mind. By protecting your online network from potential hacks, phishing scams and identity theft activity, your customers can feel safe in your network. This is especially critical when it comes to your online web-shopping applications. If you have a ecommerce website, and you don’t have reliable SSL Certificates installed and your website verified, you are literally telling 75% of the online shopping community that you don’t care about their safety. How do we know this? Simply due to the fact that over 75% of all online shoppers will insist that their website they shop on has this type of secured network.

SSL Certificates are also critical for establishing a few important Public Relations benefits including:

  • If you have a consumer good or product that you are trying to sell online or even better, shop to potential distributors, retail outlets and other large volume buyers, showing these decision makers, buyers, and executives that you are professional from start-up is a great way to separate yourself from the competition.
  • A powerful SSL Certificate has the power to associate your company with like-minded companies including Apple, NASA, 3M, HP, The United States Federal Government and most local and state government computer secured networks that are also powered by SSL certificates.

As a group that started with a small capital investment and a passion to grow into a successful business, the first thing Comodo did was ensure that the company image was professional from the beginning. And even if your business is not software, the most powerful asset your website can have is the ability to transmit your dedication to providing trust to your consumers. And the Free SSL Certificates provided by Comodo is a great way to begin to develop a strong network of passionate followers, consumers and loyal patrons from the minute you launch your website.

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