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Free SSL And How It Helps Ecommerce Stores?

February 4, 2013 | By  

It’s been said many times before that you should always expect to receive what you pay for. But when it comes to downloading Free SSL Certificates from Comodo, you truly get more than you’d expect and often receive from other SSL Certificate vendors. From providing amazing consumer protection  to providing that extra layer of protecting your website from unwanted hacks, malware and adware attacks that are common online these days, when it comes to free, Comodo truly puts value on their product that can’t be measured in dollars and cents.

When you download Free SSL Certificate provided by Comodo, this does not equate to a lack of quality in the product. In fact, every Comodo SSL Certificate is just as functional as the paid upgraded products. They are all signed by the same trusted root servers, recognized by nearly 100% of all browsers and devices used today and can instantly begin securing a website without any hassle at all.


So why should you install a Free SSL Certificate?

  • A great reason to install a Free SSL Certificate is similar to buying a car. You wouldn’t buy a vehicle without test driving it would you? Same thing here with the use of a SSL Certificate on your website. This permits you to see how well the Comodo SSL Certificate works, without being obligated to pay for the upgrade up front.
  • You can test to see how your website responds to each Free SSL Certificate before it becomes live and active. It also permits your website to be protected for three months free of charge, which can save you money – and still provide a secured network for you to protect your important customers.
  • Enhance the integrity of your website by providing 2048 bit signatures and 256 bit encryption networks. This keeps your information private and the information provided by your customers secure as well.
  • It can be issued online without having to wait long periods for verification, processing or other delays that will impede your ability to make a living online. This is crucial and a common problem that most SSL Certificates vendor provide their customers. It’s not good business to make your customers wait – why should you?
  • Installing a Free SSL Certificate will also create that every so important bond with your current customers and potential customers. Creating trust is more difficult these days due to the cynical world we live. This is especially difficult online due to the evolving threats that all computer users must face these days. When your website proudly displays that Comodo seal, your customers will equate your company with the quality that Comodo is known for by millions of computer users across the world.

As you can see – some things can be valuable for free. And when you’re looking to install any SSL Certificate, the best free programs are those offered by Comodo. With years of experience in delivering high-quality secured connections and computer software, you can trust that Comodo will deliver what they promise daily.

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