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Variants of SSL Certificates And Their Benefits

August 27, 2013 | By  

For the convenience of corporates, companies and website owners, the SSL certificates are available in various variants so as to to suit different website needs. Each website is unique and online merchants require solutions such as multiple sub domains so promote different products. Such requirements are ideally met by the wildcard ssl certificate, a cert specifically available to secure multiple sub domains in a cost efficient manner.

When users go for new certificate every time, running costs for the website will go seriously high. Besides, it should be renewed every year in order to enjoy encryption services without any hassles. At the same time, search engines identify web pages based on their relevance, keyword usage and products listed. Instead of stuffing too many products in one page which is not so friendly for SEO, the wildcard SSL allows website owners to split them accordingly. It is only one variant of the SSL certificates available and there’s lot more to come.

The instant certs are useful for people who are looking forward to establish a website and get it certified within hours. The short turnaround time allows merchants and corporate companies to instantly provide security for their newly launched domain, product or service. It also encourages users to interact with the same and purchase or avail services without security concerns. The instant SSL certificates are comparatively cheap because they are done using domain validation method.

The short turnaround time is also made possible because there are no complex verification process such as the extended validation certs. Using SSL certificates is now mandatory because malware threats are high compared to the past. Besides, no individual user will be inclined to provide their basic information, credit card number or do online transactions unless they are assured that it is a safe encrypted territory.

When it comes to premium level SSL certificates, it is the EV cert which stands tall in terms of issuance, priority and security. Any website which has obtained this certificate can enjoy the advantage of having a green address bar. The visual indicator will instantly notify the visitor that they are in a safe zone. This leads to increased conversion rates and also contributes a fair share in creating positive brand impression among the public. In order to successfully get an EV SSL certificate, the company should verify its existence with legal documents and the turnaround time will usually be higher. The extended validation is considered the best of all SSL certificates available and is widely known within the consumer community.

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