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Twitter Considering Full Encryption For Direct Messages

November 12, 2013 | By Editor 

Twitter Encryption

Encrypting messages and the data being transferred over is becoming the norm in the online world. It’s much more secure and even if hacked or intercepted along the path, no third party will be able to read messages or whatever information contained within the data package. While websites use SSL Certificates to encrypt data packets under industry standard technology, the one that Twitter plans to use is a mystery as of now. Almost every online shopping website and companies that offer digital services, use SSL encryption on their pages.

The certs provided by the certificate authority will take responsibility to encrypt packets of data to send them in a secure environment. The highest form of assurance that customers gain with these certificates is when an extended validation method is used. It helps considerably in immediately letting users know that they are secured and the concept of using green address bar is what drives consumers towards EV certified websites. Even though, similar technology may not be compatible with Twitter, the company has an altogether different plan.

They look forward to implementing a new system which will completely separate the DM or direct messages from the Twitter infrastructure. It will start functioning as an individual app and will allow you to send messages to users whom you are not following. The report was officially made by New York Times and it is expected that the spokesperson for the website will make an announcement after the initial arrangements are made. It is also being said that the decision to encrypt information and promote the concept of ssl certificates is more of a united decision that tech giants are making to stop prying eyes of surveillance agencies from disturbing them.

The motive is to assure their users that their information is completely safe, private and no third party will be allowed to go through them without proper permission. Personal messaging will become more of a new feature that users will look forward if the micro blogging website implements this.

Security is becoming the foremost concern but at the same time, users are more cautious of their privacy than ever. They don’t even hesitate remove information off websites if found to be a threat and have started protesting against any website that sells their personal data. Shopping on websites which use SSL Certificates is another commonly seen habit among people as they are aware of the importance of encryption and how it helps them share credit card or other information online without being stalked or losing financial information.

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