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Trend of Using SSL Certificates By Growing Brands

September 23, 2013 | By  

SSL Certificates
Eventhough, big brands are the safest ones to deal with, the level of security and assurance that they give is much more reliable than new brands who are busy testing waters in the market. In their bid to make more money and earn consumers, they forget the key element that integrity and reliable factors play a vital role in developing an organization. Using SSL certificates is not for established brands and organizations but it is mandatory even for a company which is taking its first step into the world of online merchant selling. Consumers need assurance that they are dealing with professionals in the first place. Sharing credit card and personal information is not something that one will readily do unless you show them that encryption is being implemented in your website.

E-commerce websites are thriving without a doubt and ever since their popularity started flourishing, using SSL certificates became mandatory for they are the ones that protect individual user identity. In order to purchase a product or service online, consumers are supposed to pay using their credit or debit card. In this process, exposing one’s individual numbers, identity, bank details and more personal information is inevitable. So, encrypting them is the best form of security that merchants can provide their buyers. But, an alarming trend reveals that nearly 86% of newly established firms are yet to go for internet security measures. They are slow in adopting this necessary security measure and rather spend on creating better website layout or add more products but if they expect someone to buy it, providing the much needed assurance matters more than anything else.

However great the quality of product is, websites without SSL certificates are not so safe and will witness reduced conversion rates. SSL technology was originally introduced in 1996 and ever since then, it has been adopted by every internet firm to be the most reliable of them all. Even though, talks are on to find better solutions, one knows that encryption is widely accepted form of security protocol that can safeguard consumer transactions. The certificates issued by recognized certificate authorities meet certificate authority browser forum. Each major browser works closely with these companies to send in threat reports and control malware as well as hacking or trespassing attempts in an able manner. Businesses should understand this need and implement security measures accordingly which contributes to the internet and consumers simultaneously.

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