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Syrian Digital Army Hacks Vice.com

November 21, 2013 | By Editor 


The prowess of the Syrian digital army is being shown off one more time when they managed to break and fully hack into the news website vice.com to proclaim their motto. In an attempt to show that the websites and the government shouldn’t take part in the interior tussles faced by the country, the army after disabling SSL Certificate security revealed that the website never managed to expose anyone from the said hacker group.

Vice.com earlier revealed that they managed to expose the Syrian group named TH3PR0 and openly stated that they were the mastermind behind this capture. Legal action was initiated against those who was considered to be responsible for the attack on US government websites, the marines site and other major brands. In this new hack into vice.com, the TH3PR0 confirmed that those who were exposed were actually innocent civilians and are the not ones who were actually responsible.

Addressing the website owners directly, the group revealed that they had deleted only the news that claimed to be an exposing attempt against this army. It also threatened that next time if they hack again into the website, the entire content on the site will be deleted and it will no longer be usable. For a short time everyone who tried to visit the website was redirected to another page. Said page didn’t use any SSL Certificate for encryption and belonged to the hackers with a warning message posted in it.

Officially, the vice website has not made any statements or clarified their stand against this exposure. They remained silent so far and didn’t claim the extent to which the hacking took place. Suspected person is actually a single ninteen year old kid and the government is not sure if they should consider one small person to be a threat against the entire government. It is being said he worked with the SEA in getting these hacks done.

The message was also posted on Twitter apart from screenshots revealing the admin panel of the vice.com website besides other information that regarding the website ownership. The hacker on behalf of the Syrian army claimed that they got privileged access into the entire website and mainly compromised email id of one administrator, which is more than enough to control the pages. Earlier, the same group hacked Washington Post, Newyork Times and CNN website. They also managed to bring down TIME, which is a huge attempt exploiting its vulnerabilities.

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