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Symantec issues Fake Google SSL Certificates

September 24, 2015 | By Editor 

SSL is an unequalled medium for website security to channel any secure transaction. SSL draws a line of trust for the browsers to understand that the website is protected. The rogue certificates mimic the genuine ones that they are totally identical to trust and hence survive interceptions over communications and sensitive transactions that goes undetectable.

Certificate authorities (CA) are responsible for issuing SSL. While the world is looking at it as a recognized and trusted platform to purchase authenticate SSL to protect their websites and their customers intact, Symantec, a well known giant cyber-security firm breaks the line of trust.

Google initiated a Certificate Transparency test to rip down the identity of the rogue SSL Certificates evolving around the market. The deal was to implant a strenuous investigation to unveil the rogue SSL certs to the world of cyber security and e-commerce industries. The latest find says, it was Symantec which has issued bogus rogue Google.com SSL certificates. Symantec was once ranked #1 as the SSL provider, which was later taken over by Comodo in the recent times. What stands worst about the Symantec’s rogue certificates is that they have been issued with an extended validation tag.

Symantec’s thought on the mishap

The information from Google is just a day old and Symantec is sure that their rogue SSL certificates are yet to reach the hackers’ hands. Had the hackers sneaked in through the rogue certs, a man in the middle attacks would have been their role play to tamper secure communications dealt between the  users and Google based services such as Google+, Gmail, YouTube and more.

It was all a haphazard, and Symantec checked on the issue by terminating the employees who were at guilt. With Google’s inquiries all hanging over its head, Being the leader in online safety and security, Symantec was proactive to terminate the employees involved in it as they deprived to follow the companies policies.

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