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Stop Bad Sales By Avoiding Invalid SSL Certificates

December 2, 2013 | By Editor 

Invalid SSL Certificates

The adverse effects that an invalid cert produce on your business is inevitable if proper steps are not taken in time. The main purpose of using SSL Certificates is that it helps in encrypting credentials and sensitive data, when they are transferred over the web. This ensures that in case there is a breach during data transfer, the third party or any cyber criminal who gets hold of the data will not be able to read the content stored within.

Customers gain the advantage of being assured that they can comfortably share details and it will always be safe with the secured server increases sale. But, if the certs used are invalid, the point of using them in the first place gets devoid. No website is safe even though a certificate is already installed because invalid one will not be supported by the certificate authorities who issue them. They are not protected and can be easily compromised if hacked.

A secure website will be using https protocol and not the regular http protocol. This provides consumers an opportunity to feel they are in a secure zone. Before connecting to the server, the website will ensure that it is reliable and also check with the certificate authority for verification. When SSL certificates work correctly as they are intended to be, they will be providing an added layer of protection.

The exceptional encryption can be opened only using password authentication, which in this case is private as well as public keys. The websites will have a private key while the CA will possess the public one. Only after verifying them both, the secure authentication protocol and freedom to access will be given. Users if feeling insecure about missing seal, green address bar or invalid certs have the tendency to completely abandon your website or shopping cart without completing the process.

Privacy concerns overusing the web for activities is high now and if you own a business, it is mandatory that you provide people the necessary assurance. Some browsers will also send warning to their users when they try to access the website, which is bluntly a negative impact on the shopper experience. If sales are falling, check if your SSL certificates are working as they should and if they don’t, instantly renew them. Schedule the renewal period for best results and encourage customers to spend money on your websites for good growth in sales. These certs have a subtle yet important role to play in branding.

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