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Purchase SSL To Unlock Power of Business Development

December 10, 2012 | By  

The online marketplace is one which is truly changing the way we do business these days. Why not Purchase SSL online too? With worldwide online shopping events like the recently completed “Cyber Monday” providing shoppers with wholesale pricing on presents for the holiday season, more and more people are choosing to save time and money – and shop online for all their needs. But one thing that all online shoppers aver to is the fact that they won’t shop on any website which is not trustworthy and protected by a reliable SSL Certificate.

Why to purchase ssl online?

 Many of today’s successful online merchants choose to install powerful and reliable SSL software such as the Wildcard SSL certificates that are offered from Comodo. Wildcard SSL Certificates are perfect for the online merchant that has multiple pages to secure. This program allows online merchants to save money and consolidate all of their sub domains with a single purchase.

Key features of Wildcard SSL through Comodo include:

  • Saving money by having one SSL Certificate to protect multiple sub domains
  • When you Purchase SSL, it offers full business validation for companies with future-proof 2048 bit keys, 128/256 bit encryption software protection
  •  An extremely high 99.9% browser and device recognition which ensures that all of your customers will have access to a quality SSL Certificate on your website
  • Offers unlimited server licenses for merchants, an unlimited re-issuance policy and a 30-day no questions asked refund if you are not satisfied with the Comodo Wildcard SSL

These are all positive benefits of using a Wildcard SSL program. But, quite often several people like to try a free ssl certificate download which will give them an option to see how the products will work within their particular computer system. Fortunately, Comodo offers this type of SSL Certificate as well. By downloading a free ssl certificate, an online merchant can accomplish a few important tasks prior to Purchase SSL certificates including;

  • Testing your new website SSL Certificate software before you activate it live. This ensures the Free SSL you are using will work well for your particular website
  • You can test the features of Comodo’s products to make sure that they will work and fulfill your individual needs
  • Test a program that is similar to the paid version (Essential SSL by Comodo)

Taking care of customer needs by using Wildcard SSL or making use of a free ssl certificate download is a great start, but more and more customers are looking for EV SSL Certificates (Extended Validation) these days. EV SSL Certificates are easily identified by the green highlight in the menu bar of your websites URL address. Make sure you know these features when you Purchase SSL.

This green menu bar tells consumers instantly that your website is actively protected against any invasion of privacy. This takes computer safety and online confidence to a higher level. And this is one way to ensure you develop a high level of trust with consumers.

The online marketplace is truly evolving. Customers look forward to purchase ssl online. The key to surviving evolutionary changes is to adapt to changes in the global environment you work daily. Adapt by installing trustworthy SSL Certificates to your website in order to protect you and your customers from unwanted security breaches.

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