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SSL Certificate And Web Browsers – The Compatibility Factor

April 10, 2013 | By  

Everything should go hand-in-hand if a process has to be carried out in an efficient manner. The encryption solution provided by SSL Certificate is an integral part of online security. It allows webmasters to better protect their customer data and stop third party people from eavesdropping. Such measures are mandatory for any website which gathers personal information, private data, banking details and similar information from their visitors or customers. But, just because the seller or website host has installed a cert in their server doesn’t mean it will effectively be accessible for people who may hail from different parts of the globe. They may be using different web browsers, different operating systems and maybe some tools that doesn’t support such.

Role of web browsers

Web browsers come into picture at this point because the ssl certificates that you use should be recognizable by the receiving end. This simple yet important issue can easily be solved if you opt to buy your certs from a proper certificate authority like Comodo. Companies which have gained such reputation in the industry are completely reliable and almost everyone of them will claim 99.99% browser compatibility. Such a claim is possible because they are all in close contact with the browser development companies and any update that happens in the software will be notified to them to make necessary updates. Such comfort level can hardly be found in self-signed certs and moreover, you won’t be able to get Site Seals provided by a reputed company which is important for gaining customer trust.

Checking SSL compatibility

Before you venture to buy the product you want, make sure that it aptly meets your requirements as well as budget. A clean way to ensure this is to Compare SSL and find the best out of the lot. Besides, there are various types of tools available using which you can check the compatibility factor in a precise manner. They are readily available online and by using them, you can actually see how your visitors view your website from different IP addresses as well.

Comodo, the leading encryption solutions provider has variety of certs available designed to meet consumer needs. Get your website secure and provide encrypted services to your consumers so that they can shop or provide information with peace of mind. The SSL Certificate is a must for online retailers and any similar website which might gather personal information from visitors.

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