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SSL Certificate And Their Role Beyond AV Security

August 30, 2013 | By  

The integral role of an Antivirus program is completely different from that of a SSL Certificate. Most users assume that they are somewhat similar because both of them are designed to curb hacking attempts and ensure that the data is private at all times. Even though, in raw terms this can be defined as one definition, the AV program is more focused towards securing an individual virus. In the past, it relied solely on offline virus definitions to detect an intrusion but is now much more advanced by working on the cloud.

The real time virus definitions allow the program to instantly detect any malicious code intrusion and save the PC from being infected. The way SSL Certificate works is different because it is directly integrated to the server where the website is hosted. The service provided by certificate authorities encrypt every information provided in a web page. Besides, it also has the capacity to encrypt any data that is manually entered by the user such as financial transactions, bank or credit card details.

Security Software Compromised

Latest news is that security software couldn’t actually provide complete protection to an user. The fact that the way the internet works is completely different makes it difficult for an AV program to detect virus as they come in. Even though, it has an updated definition, some malicious codes combine virus with spyware, trojans and bugs at the same time. Using internet security suite is one reliable way to avoid this issue. At the same time, make sure the website has SSL Certificate installed in it to be assured for privacy and security.

A blog post revealed that virues scanners are more driven towards curbing the virus. But, keyloggers, bugs and spyware are totally different. When users voluntarily click on the link to advertisements which are designed to redirect to an infected page, things will become complicated. Systems which are under older version of operating system like Windows 2000 and Windows XP are more prone to such attacks as they don’t have security updates now.

Every website, especially high profile ones will obtain EV SSL Certificate which is the premium variant of the product available. Certificate authorities issue the cert only after detailed verification and will also check the existence of the concern before an extended validation is approved. Such methods ensure the authenticity of an organization and provides better security for people using their services.

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