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Shopping For The Best SSL Certificate? Read This!

March 8, 2013 | By  

When you set out to buy something, you always want to get the best without compromising on any part. Be it fashion apparels, gadgets or mobile phones, you look for features, benefits and

whether the product offers value for money. If there is so much importance on such trivial items, you should give even more importance for buying security related application. SSL certificates are used to encrypt the data that passes between the provider’s server and the users computers. They are useful when it comes to sharing private data, financial information and personal details over the web. Making sure that your customers are safe while they share sensitive information online is your sole responsibility.

Things to note before shopping ssl certificate

Before you buy a SSL Certificate, check out the check list below and note your requirements in brief so as to make a wise choice.

  • Why do you need encryption?
  • What type will actually fit your requirement?
  • How often are users going to share information with you?
  • What’s the level of traffic that you expect?
  • Are you good with moderate protection?
  • Do you need maximum security?
  • Are you going to secure single or multiple domains?
  • What will be your budget?

Know the fact that there are a bunch of companies that offer the SSL Certificate service. Identifying the best requires ample attention and the ability to choose what might best suit your needs. The decision will also vary based on the number of domains that you are about to secure as well as other vital factors.

Here’s a simple guide to various types which will allow you to compare SSL easily.



Standard Certificate

For single domains

Wildcard Certificate

For Multi-domains

Extended Validation Certificate

For business validation


OV- Organization validated

DV- Domain validated

EV – Extended validation

Installing the certificate is nowadays handled by users with easy to use guides. You can buy certificates from a reputed Certificate Authority which in turn will allow you to gain trust among your buyers. Comodo encryption solutions offer up to 256 bit encryption.   The green address bar a is exclusive for extended validation certs. This is to help you know you are secure while shopping!

Providing best assistance, product quality, value for money, and affordable pricing, Comodo offers the best SSL certificates which will meet your every need. Comodo provides all types of certification at best pricing. Get assured security from the right vendor and create a reputation for your business. Safeguard your website for secure online transactions with low-priced Comodo SSL Certificate.

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