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SSL Certificate And How It Secures Your Ecommerce Website

February 19, 2013 | By  

Billions of users around the globe are going online and a huge number of e-commerce websites are catering to their needs. In this scenario, an intermediate solution to certify the authenticity and  security of  an online  transaction becomes vital. It is your  responsibility as a seller,  to assure your customers that your website is completely safe. A reliable SSL Certificate is the best way to go about it!

For those of you, who are new to security solutions online,  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology  is used to encrypt the data transmitted from the server to the users computer so as to eradicate issues like hacking, data tampering while leveraging security. The data can be secured with up to 256-bit encryption assuring users that their personal information as well as transaction details are completely safe.

Create A Legitimate Online Shopping Experience With SSL Certificate

Once your website is certified by a credible provider, you will find it easy to create a legitimate image for your online store or e-commerce website. Gaining the advantage of being a reliable seller is the most important part to creating a successful business venture. When your customers see that you are approved by a leading global certificate provider, they are most likely to buy, thus contributing to your visitor-to-client conversion rate.

Assure Customers About Maximum Safety

With online transactions an integral part of e-commerce websites, it is your duty to assure your customers that their data is in secure hands. Be it credit card information, personal details or bank account numbers, they shouldn’t feel intimidated to share it on your website. SSL Certificates provide this valuable assurance to them.

For Professional Encryption Solutions

Sensitive data getting transmitted over the world wide web in an open format is not  recommended by experts  which is why encryption is important. Any website which is certified  is capable of encrypting  data, sent by visitors and customers as well as the seller or company for maximum protection. The content shared will be readable only by the server and the intended recipient while denying access to  third parties .

Gain Customers’ Trust Visibly

Websites which are certified with an SSL Certificate will display visual clues like a  padlock icon, green bar in the address area or with a certified seal on the home page. Gaining your customers’ trust with such easily visible methods will take your brand image and sales to a higher level. Create a sense of security among your buyers so that your online store can thrive among the internet community.

Authentication Is At Every Point

Apart from attempts to gather data, some malicious codes and applications may also try to pretend to be the parent server but encrypted data will not be revealed as authentication is a must at every point. When your customers send personal details from different computers, your home server will be the only point where it will be unpacked.

What Makes It Important?

The  SSL Certificates provided by reputed certification companies are completely authentic and will be issued only after strict verification procedure. The turnaround time will vary from one provider to another. THE SSL certificates are compatible with all major web browsers and will assist you in leveraging a level of trust among your customers.

PCI Compliance also requires a website to be properly certified before the seller is allowed to gather credit card information for sales. Gain your customers’ trust, keep them safe, make your website more secure for transactions and pave the way for better sales trend in the long run.

Getting an SSL Certificate from a  reliable  SSL provider will help  establish your e-commerce website as a place where customers can shop securely.

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