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Router Flaw Can Lead to Compromised Password and Privacy

October 8, 2013 | By  

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While primary security and encryption solutions to website transactions are lent by SSL certificates on websites, even a simple router flaw can actually lead to compromised passwords, user data and privacy of every user who uses the network. Hacking and data stealing is in its premium level where almost every attacker on the planet is busy trying to get into one network or the other. When big companies, corporates and even the government sometimes falling prey to hacking attempts, individual users should be much more cautious and consider doing all security measures to stay away from these attempts.

The routers are the most important accessory that allows you to seamlessly connect to a network and enjoy unlimited data sharing as well as use multiple devices on the same internet connection. Without this device, connecting is difficult and one can’t manually keep sending files or switching between devices to enjoy connectivity.

At the same time, any flaw at Router level threatens every action that you complete on the network. Even typing passwords on websites can be hacked because the role of SSL certificates begin only after you send data over the internet. The certs encrypt data packets and make sure they reach the intended recipient. But, if your privacy is hacked at router level, no security measure can help you and unauthorized third party user may get access to your entire computer. Even use it when you are not present in your desktop.

The manufacturer Asus which is famous for their products released an update which fixes a flaw and corrects an authentication bypass vulnerability discovered in devices few months ago. If found by attackers, this can actually allow people to view the administrator password as well as other credentials without having to login.

Official information with regards to the update is updated in the Asus page and it encourages users to update it as soon as possible. Only authenticated users should be able to view router settings and passwords in a local network but this bug allows unwarranted access. Always browse with websites which are secured with SSL certificates but securing at router level is integral as well as to be secure at all times. Restricting network access to routers’s system web interface is another way through which one can say no to bypass this security update. Access the router configurations and settings worldwide. Company confirmed that this exists in products sold within South America, China and Europe.

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