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Free SSL Certificate Products – Who’s the Best?

December 28, 2012 | By  

Everybody loves free stuff in today’s society. And when it comes to downloading a SSL certificate for your website, nothing beats free – right? Well, unfortunately, there is an old saying that states you should always expect to receive what you pay for. And in the world of SSL security software, for the most part, this very much applies. But, there are a few vendors who provide a pretty good value for computer users that should be recognized. And if you install and use these Free SSL Certificates properly, you will be able to browse the internet with a safe and secure web server.

There are many benefits to SSL Certificates and several reasons why a computer user should invest in one. First, SSL Certificates are great for blocking those annoying pop-up ads. They also help computer users maintain a safe and secure internet connection – which ensures that third party hackers can’t access your computer; or the secure information you type online. But, in the world of Free SSL certificates, there are some companies who simply provide a better bang for your free investment.

Notable Free SSL Certificate Vendors

 Here are a few of the higher rated SSL Certificate vendors and the products they offer for free:

  • VeriSign– Regarded as one of the more expensive SSL Certificate vendors, the owners of the Norton brand does allow a Free SSL Certificate download,  but there are also some holes in the coverage of this free product. Most people choose to upgrade their product or switch to a different vendor.
  • GoDaddy– Many computer users associate GoDaddy with the flashy models that represent their brand. And like those models, several of the free products offered by GoDaddy.com are rather superficial. They offer some relatively cheap SSL Certificates, but nothing that screams at you.
  • Digicert– These guys offer a very nice SSL Security product. Their upgraded version is much better than the Free SSL certificate they offer consumers and provide fairly good customer support features.

Comodo’s Free SSL Certificates

Regarded as one of the finest SSL Certificate vendors in today’s competitive market, Comodo offers computer users an exceptional free SSL Certificate. This allows you and your online business to become much safer and secure. The download is absolutely free for anybody who signs up on Comodo’s website with no pressure to upgrade to paid SSL Certificate products.

These are some of the top features of the Comodo Free SSL Certificates offered to computer users across the world:

  •     They provide you a Safe and Secure Website
  •     There are no security warnings from annoying pop-ups
  •     There is no long term commitment to purchase
  •     Offers 2048-Bits of computer protection
  •     The Comodo Gold Padlock lets you know your computer is locked and secure
  •     The product is 100% Free

Comodo offers computer users a huge selection of upgradable features with its SSL Certificate that provides users with added protection and better online security. Comodo is a trustworthy company that keeps computer users safe from unwanted hacks and online attacks. The best feature of the Comodo SSL certificates is that they are 100% free and they work well with any internet browser and on any computer device. They also have their own internet browser, the Comodo Dragon which is extremely user friendly and highly organized.

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