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President’s SSL Certificate Renewal Spurs News

October 4, 2013 | By  

President’s  SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate renewal is an important step which if missed can cause serious damage to the website and its visitors. Besides, being vulnerable to attacks it will also send a warning to its users that the website is using a vulnerable expired cert and is prone to attacks if someone other than the intended party is using the website. The issue is now faced by President Barrack Obama of United States because one of the certificate used in their campaign website has expired.While the country is already in a shutdown, this news that revealed the administration is not cautious about keeping their visitors safe has been a wide talk in the news scenario.

The non-profit organization run website is used to promote the President and his agenda. Certificate was actually issued by GoDaddy but the certificate vendor who also has a role to play in its renewal has failed to do so. For such an important site, such expiry notice is a critical error and should be fixed at the earliest.

Certificate Authorities also take up the responsibility of notifying users of expiring SSL Certificate issues and help them renew it in time. Besides, they can also consider encouraging buyers to go for long term duration so as to avoid such renewal issues. The expired certificate was actually a wildcard ssl cert that was used to cover multiple sub domains of the presidential campaign and allowed the community to communicate with their patrons.

Even now, all latest updates are expected to be rolled out in this website. But, anyone who visits the website will now receive a warning message first stating that the expired certificate no longer guarantees information privacy and any third party may be able to access information if hacked. A screenshot of the warning message is also posted on multiple news websites and security firm sites stating the obvious that the team failed to act in time.

As an end user or a website owner, you can consider using SSL Certificate with higher renewal period and buy it for longer years. The more time you commit for, the lesser the cost of the cert will be and it will also avoid such issues. Whenever an user sees such warnings, they are prone to say no to the brand and it will also create distrust among the community. Always make sure that trust assurance is high and associate with professional certificate authorities. Comodo is a leading certificate authority will exceptional brand value and have successfully helped hundreds of organizations thrive in the competitive business market. Associate yourself with the right people and feel the power of professional service.

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