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Cheap SSL Certificate, Planning To Buy One?

March 25, 2013 | By  

The business module of various organizations will vary from one another. While using SSL certificate is a mandatory affair for every online company, be it big or small, not everyone will be in a position to afford the highly priced versions. With a view to help such companies, many certified providers offer Cheap SSL certification which are not only easily affordable but are also highly secure providing various features as a pricey version. Some individuals do try using individually generated keys to encrypt and secure important customer information which is not the best way to go about it. Using such keys may not be readily recognized by all major browsers because they are issued with public keys only from the top tier companies in order to minimize online fraud, identity theft and financial scams.

Things to consider when you go for cheap ssl certs

It is the client’s responsibility to assure customers that they are in a secure zone with Site Seal and https unique resource locators. SSL certificates will readily help them achieve their goal and when there is a constraint for budget, it’s important to take notice of some essential features before you opt for the cheapest product available, the cheap ssl cert.

  • Encryption level 128-256 bit
  • Technical assistance
  • Domain validated
  • Automated Validation
  • Speedy approval
  • Maximum browser compatibility, preferably 99.9%
  • Site seal

Above said factors are some bare essentials for any e-commerce website to operate properly and to gain customer trust by displaying the seal. Encryption done using the best ssl certificate is not only reliable but will also be recognized by browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Comodo Ice Dragon, Google Chrome and Opera. This is a must because your users may access the website from any part of the world and notifying them of this facility in a compatible manner matters. Cheap SSL cert is not only budget friendly but will generate more sales and lead to best conversion rates.

Unlimited number of reissuance is offered by the certified certificate authorities. The feature is very helpful when you renew ssl certificate and continue to use their services. The pricing will usually vary but the cheap ssl is literally affordable for every user around the globe.

Renowned Certificate Authority (CA) now offers Cheap SSL Certificates to safeguard your site and gain your customers’ trust. Such versatility, reliability and security can be experienced when you buy products from Comodo, the leading ssl certificate provider in the world. Comodo offers certs at various price categories making it easy for even a new e-commerce seller to afford the essential service. Besides, the company provides warranty and excellent technical support.

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