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Next Gen HTTP 2.0 Requires Mandatory Encryption

November 26, 2013 | By Editor 

Http 2 Encryption

Safeguarding private data is given utmost priority in recent times and companies are already doing their best to ensure consumers that information will never be shared without proper warrant. At the same time, protecting them against hacker attacks and malware injection also plays an important role. In order to make the web a safer place, SSL Certificate is being used in most websites that provide encryption solutions.

The purpose of using these certs is to make sure every sensitive information including credentials and credit card information is transferred in encrypted format. Even if some third party hackers manage to gain access, they will be unable to read the content held within and the sensitive data will stay safe. Such efforts are being pushed further to higher levels with the next gen http 2.0 encryption module. Speaking on Twitter about the company’s future plans, its chief person said that increasing transport layer security is possible only by using http 2.0 with encrypted URLs. So, it will be mandatory once the new implementation sets in.

Backward compatibility is something that industry experts opine to be mandatory but the HTTP association declared this will not be possible when strong security protocols are warranted. Older websites and URLs which use SSL Certificate will continue to rely on the present http protocol. No one will be forced to adapt the new technology unless they care and are concerned about privacy.

The new technology will make sure all URLs are mandatorily checked to make sure whether they use HTTPs protocol and will implement encryption in the entire website for assured privacy. This not only helps enhance consumer trust for online vendors, but also serves as a barrier between cybercriminals and those who prefer to stay safe from such unexpected breaches.

Implementing such methods will make the internet a spy proof place to be and will stop hackers from gaining access into unauthorized areas. The SSL Certificate used by vendors will also be sophisticated to higher levels and the main motto of the organization behind this is HTTPS everywhere. Spdy is the technology behind this implementation and it will also work in various areas of importance including connection multiplexing, default encryption and header compression for solid results. Microsoft supports this cause and helped establish more of the HTTP 2.0 protocol to the general public. With more measures in people, experts opine internet security could be brought under control and pave way for a safer web.

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