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Mobile Encryption Pioneered With Cyanogen Mod Update

February 17, 2014 | By Editor 

Mobile Encryption

The encryption fever continues to catch up not only among websites, but with mobile devices as well. There were multiple claims that personal messages are being read and the only way, as of now to stop this snooping is said to be encrypting messages. SSL Certificate plays an important role in helping online service providers encrypt information. It helps in securing credentials such as username, passwords, user information and credit card numbers.

The same cannot be implemented into mobiles so easy because the user has to have certain encryption Apps and the same should be used by the person on the other end as well. Implementing this idea in practical terms is exceptionally difficult and it is possible only when the tool is integrated by default into the mobile operating system. The modding community and popular tool for Android, Cyanogen has come up with a solution for this implementation.

Users can now protect their privacy without a fuss because the Cyanogen mod’s latest version has the required capability. Teaming up with an encryption solution company named Open Whisper Systems, the modding group has made this possible. Open Whisper creates Apps for android which helps users secure text and phone calls. The same technology will now be integrated by default into the operating system.

TextSecure is the tool that will be used by the mod which will be encrypting SMS messages similar to how SSL Certificate works on websites. The advantage users gain is that one can use any messaging App as they like and encryption will be implemented by default. With over 10 million users in their community, Cyanogen expects to implement this privacy technology into more mobile phones in the near future.

Cyanogen Mod version 10.2 will be rolled out soon with this update. Even though, Apple’s iMessage, Whatsapp and other messaging services offer security measures, they are not so user-friendly, opines the community. Open Whisper uses highest industry grade SSL certificates style encryption, which is exceptionally reliable and will not pave way for any third party snooping into the message content.

Users have to use Textsecure app or can rely on Cyanogen mod to do the job for them. For normal users, messages will be not be encrypted, but they can choose to use Textsecure app which allows freedom and not force them to switch over to the mod. With assured privacy and an SSL Certificate security, it is expected that users will soon adopt to this secure messaging system which will pave way for privacy in the mobile space.

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