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Microsoft Recalls Outlook Update, Patch Flaws Still Prevalent

September 17, 2013 | By  

Companies and software developers release patches so as to fix bugs, vulnerabilities making sure that their consumers are satisfied. These updates are meant to enhance user experience and hold an integral place similar to that of a new software being introduced. But, Microsoft repeatedly lost in this area because their new patch updated failed. While SSL Certificate is used for web security, individual developers are supposed to fix their own security issues. The company was forced to recall and revise their strategy because the patch release fixed something that was working right in the first place. Patch Tuesday is Microsoft practice because the company has a habit of releasing patches on the same day every month which is supposed to help users identify their issues and rectify them by simply installing the update.

Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released a new patch as part of their Patch Tuesday procedure on Sep 10 which addressed 13 security bulletins. It also claimed to fix 47 security issues at the same time including one that is meant for Microsoft Outlook 2013. The software was actually working as usual and users never asked for anything to be fixed in it which is utter waste of time. It was actually a non-security update for Outlook 2013 named KB2817630 to fix bugs and stability issues. But, the patch became a complete disaster when users started reporting that their folders panel which was supposed to show e-mails ended up being empty and it doesn’t work great as it used to be.

Reclaiming their patch back, Microsoft apologized for the error and confirmed a new dedicated patch is being released once again without this update that crashed Outlook in the first place. It was released as part of the September security bulletin. Officially, the company removed the patch from the full update within three hours but users started pouring in the forums explaining their issue demanding an instant solution.

Steps to reverse the patch is being provided on their technet blog post. Similar issues were faced during August patch release when Exchange patch created issues for users.  While Web security uses SSL Certificate for its security,  security experts encourage people and business owners to instantly apply patches to be safe but with such issues, they will be the first to experience its problems as well. Microsoft is looking to get out of this patch bug that’s been bothering them for months and plan to come up with better update cycles without reversal policies.

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