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Microsoft Dedicated Cybercrime Center Established

November 28, 2013 | By Editor 

Microsoft Dedicated Cybercrime Center

In its effort to stop cyber crimes and illegal abuse of the internet, Microsoft has formally setup a cyber crime center which consists of the best professionals convened together. People included in the team will be formed of lawyers, security experts, hackers and business advisors who will be responsible for making key decisions related to cyber crimes.

The redmon company aims to stop piracy with this team as well because majority of products from Microsoft are being illegally used and Windows pirated versions are more than actually purchased ones. They plan to stop such growth and promote legal products at an affordable range. Cyber crime center has one sole motto, the official spokesperson said to the press. It is to make sure customers and experts come together to create a safer web. Ultimate aim of using these tools, SSL Certificates and such centers is to create a safer place for people to go online for their daily activities.

Named as the white hat forces, MS is forming a team of legitimate people who will pose a strong threat to the black hat hackers and hurdle all their malicious plans. Spreading malware, DDOS attacks and other threats are on the rise. The internet scenario is changing too hostile and Microsoft aims to put an end to this. Besides the security team, the people will also be interacting with FBI as well interpol so as to nab criminals whenever they are identified.

Websites are secured using SSL Certificates and those that pass through security levels, to inject malicious codes will be identified using sophisticated methods. Some of the techniques the team will be using to identify malware and hackers include SitePrint, which is a method that helps organized online crimes in a comprehensive map for easy tracking.

Another thing that MS wants to control is spreading of child adult content which will be curbed using PhotoDNA, a software program that plays an integral role in identifying pictures with children in it. Whenever obscene content matches a child’s face, the picture will be considered a threat and its source will instantly be reported. Similar to SSL certificates encryption method, the print will track activities while photos will be identified in a much sophisticated manner. Cyberdefense is a team sport and Microsoft looks forward to making this team much more stronger so that they have powerful support similar to hackers who are working in closed networks these days.

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