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Learn How SSL Certificates Protect Sellers And Users

March 20, 2013 | By  

For sellers, website owners and users  encrypting important information with SSL certificates is the key to safe online transactions. Nowadays, an increased number of sales are being done over the web and there are wide spread corporate companies which have dedicated security team with self-generated encryption modules. While individuals and medium companies can hardly create such mammoth infrastructure for security, owners can always leave the hassle to free SSL certificate providers and get the job done. Most certs are usually issued within a day or two unless you are applying for the most premium form of certification named as the extended validation cert.

Secure Sockets Layer SSL Certificates – Demystified

Secure Sockets Layer is nothing but the abbreviated form of encryption certs. There are different types of them available including the EV SSL which is considered a premium level verification. It is issued only after extensive research and background verification done on the existence of the organization. Besides, the different variants also help webmasters use encryption solutions based on their needs. The pricing will also vary based on features that you require and which you might actually be using in your website.

Some added features that user will gain by opting for secured certificates are,

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Business validation
  • Instant approval for basic certificates
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Maximum browser recognition on desktops and mobile OS

Besides, you will also get maximum customer support, integration guidance and secured protection for all types of information exchange when using ssl certificates.

Role Of Certificate Authorities

All types of ssl certificates issued by a registered and widely recognized CA has plenty of benefits. First of all, it is not only about making the data secure but also making sure an increased level of trust is established with the visitors. Self-generated private keys may not be instantly recognized by major browsers like Firefox, Ice Dragon and Chrome. Besides, they do not represent a brand and will void the purpose.

CA will provide all required types including wildcard SSL for multi-domain encryption.  Multi-domain  certification goes hand in hand with organisational needs. When you need a new certificate, always buy it and get legitimacy for your website.

An authorized name as Comodo will be your most legitimate way to get SSL certificates and secure information shared. Providing exceptional customer support, phone support and warranty, Comodo offers best value for money.

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