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Know The Most Common Types Of SSL Certificate

April 9, 2013 | By  

For favouring the consumers and to allow better freedom for e-commerce website owners, the certificate authorities provide prominent variants of certs from which one can choose the SSL Certificate that best suits their requirement. Even though, they are usually segregated into different models and variants, the basic are only three. They are domain validated, organization validated and extended validated certs. The names are self descriptive because certs issued by simply verifying a website’s domain is the cheapest and fastest of all. They are usually issued within matter of hours or most probably within a day’s time which is more than enough for sellers who may have already gained reputation through physical stores. It is also applicable for websites where products are minimal and may be secluded for sale within a boundary.

The Major Types of SSL

When opting to buy SSL certificates, it is vital that the buyer knows what type of cert will best meet their requirements. As stated above, the domain validation is most cost effective and offers basic encryption solutions. Usually, a site seal will be accompanied with the purchase using which customer trust can be gained in a legitimate manner. Besides, the organization validation is the second variant in which the existence of a company will be confirmed while extended is the most premium type of all. Acquiring the EV cert is definitely difficult but worth the process that the CA will put users through.

Steps Involved

There are various steps involved in each type of cert issued. Usually, the basic features like 256-bit encryption, site seal and others will be part of them. But, if you are looking for better value for money, Compare SSL and find out what they have to offer for the money that you invest. In the EV variant, verification will include,

  • operational and physical existence of an entity
  • rights to use the domain
  • cross verification with the details provided, history and operation period

Above all, they are issued not only for individual companies and corporate companies but also for government entities. The auditing for EV will continue to be renewed every year so as to ensure the identity of the company and its continued legitimate operation.

When looking to go for SSL Certificate, Comodo offers valid solutions to all your expectations at affordable price range. Comodo specializes in encryption solutions and also provides extended validation with the trademark green address bar combined with site seal and padlock sign.

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