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Is Free SSL The Right Fit For You?

April 10, 2013 | By  

When it comes to secure certificates, some buyers do hesitate to go for the free version assuming that features and support may be limited. Besides, Free SSL is not just another alternative but it is in fact the best solution for those who seek cost free yet minimal level of encryption solutions. Most business organizations and companies opt for instant SSL Certificate, multi-domain or extended validation certs. The pricing will vary based on these products but going for free alternatives is completely an individual choice. If you run a retail store which collects banking information, paid version is the best fit for you. No one can compromise security and level of encryption when it comes to securing customer data. Any lapse on this part will cause serious issues which is why you should take precautionary measures.

Who can go for free versions?

Budding companies can make use of the Site Seal provided by certificate authorities and gain customer credibility without expenditure if they use the free versions. Usually, no company website will collect private data but they can still make sure of site seals as this will establish them as a reliable organization. Besides, even if they do so, only name and contact details will be collected which will be encrypted with basic features making it secure for any visitor to share their info without hesitation. But, when you have more than one domain for better search engine optimization, go for wildcard ssl which is often used by most companies for this purpose. It allows you to operate various domains and sub-domains on the same server without buying separate certs.

Advantages of paid versions

Now, the most crucial part which is essential for every company and e-commerce retailer. The most premium version of the paid certificates is none other than the ev ssl which is issued only after the physical existence of an organization is confirmed. This is completely opposite to the instant variants because they are issued within a day or even lesser turnaround time. But, extended validation as the name suggests are issued only after ample time is spent in verifying a company’s identity. Because of this procedure, any company with a proper EV from known certificate authority can be trusted without a question.

Comodo is a leading certificate authority and holds a strong position in the industry. The CA offers SSL certificate of all types and provides exclusive features to its customers.

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