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SSL Certificate Helps To Drive Online Shoppers

January 18, 2013 | By  

It’s always been a common business fact that customers are the number one reason for the success of any business, – small or large SSL Certificate has a vital role in this! Simply put, without customer’s spending money on the goods and services you sell – your business couldn’t stay above water. But in the online shopping world, there is a secondary way that customers can impact your business – even if you have the highest-quality products at the best possible price. They may choose to shop elsewhere if they feel you are not secure enough.

Once your website is  protected by a SSL Certificate provided by a reliable software provider – customers will choose your website over the competition.

Impact of SSL Certificate On Customer Trust

The facts don’t lie – nearly 84% of all online consumers actively check to see if a website’s secure shopping pages are in fact ‘secure’ by verifying the websites SSL Certificate information. This important software program allows websites to be free from hacker attacks, and provide a higher level of consumer confidence knowing that they can enter private information without the risk of having it stolen by computer hacker.

With identity theft being a reality in today’s online shopping world – how can a business owner protect their company’s website and provide a safe and secure shopping platform for their customers? The answer is simple – install a high-quality and trustworthy SSL Certificate that won’t break your budget.

SSL Certificates offered by Comodo for example are less expensive than you’d think. In fact, many of the entry level SSL Certificates are available to small and medium sized business owners for free. The SSL Certificate or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate as it is known, is an advanced software algorithm which provides a significant protection shield to your website and all visitors to the website – whether it is ecommerce or a simple landing page.

This important software ensures the connection between your website server and your customer’s computer is only accessible through these two networks. It transfers this secured information through an encrypted network and keeps your site clean and free of cyber-attack. SSL Certificates are easily identified by computer users by simply hovering their mouse cursor over the http menu bar to verify whether or not the website is protected by a reliable SSL Certificate. Many responsible SSL providers like Comodo place a large – highly visible SSL Certificate on the bottom lower right side of the website to identify this website as being 100% safe and secure.

And that trusted trademark is what nearly ¾ of all online shoppers need to see before making a single purchase in today’s monetary world. Comodo SSL certificate is one of the best available  security solution that  protects a website  of any sized business and offers key advantages like:

Providing Your Customers with Vital Online Security

Protected by NIST recommended 2048 bit signatures and providing 256 bit encryption of data in most cases, Comodo SSL Certificates are designed to provide any visitor an added layer of protection when they visit the website. This ensures that when they click any link or type in any of their private information on your website, this information will not be hijacked by a third-party hacker.

Very User Friendly and Offer Quick Issuance

Ordering and installing an SSL Certificate is extremely easy and your websites identity can be easily identified without filling out a lot of documents or sending in huge files to a company corporate office.

Outstanding Customer Support

Comodo is simply the best at providing the best technical support for each of their customers. You also are protected after purchase by a guaranteed 30-day money back return policy – with no questions asked.

When you install a Comodo SSL Certificate on your website, the ability to take care of your most important business asset – your customers becomes much easier.

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