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Websites With SSL Certificates are More Secure than Mobile Apps

September 4, 2013 | By  

Even though, the majority of population use smartphones and apps related to it, very few know that digital signatures are being used in these apps as well. They are similar to SSL certificates used in websites and online stores. The application when being uploaded into the official web store will be stored using a private and public key, in the form of digital signatures. The sign shouldn’t be tampered with when an user downloads it. But, recent news reveals that in unauthorized Android stores majority of apps are being downloaded by hackers and malware developers. They inject any type of spyware trojan or virus into these apps before uploading them back to the stores.

Users should consider downloading only from the official playstore and not from other third party websites to be on the safer side. Besides, it is better to avoid free apps as they are the most favorable prey for hackers to tap in and get their malicious codes embedded. Websites with SSL certificates are much more secure for various other reasons.

How websites are considered more secure?

Analysts also declare that even though websites with SSL certificates are more secure, the web apps which are being promoted with new Windows 8 versions are vulnerable. Being a new platform, the number of apps created for it is minimal. Yet, people who are curious to check it out for the convenience it offers and the new range of touchscreen enabled app ecosystem do try it. This puts them at risk. Similarly, the apps meant for mobile platforms such as Android is not fully monitored and analyzed for issues before being distributed to general public.

SSL certificates are issued by reputed vendors and certificate authorities for websites. The online stores and the concept of securing them digitally is well established over two decades making them much more safer than the apps which is still in its development stage.

Internet security tools should also be deployed in the mobile platform to secure them better. The web uses antivirus, anti spyware, firewall and many similar tools in order to enhance security levels. Websites using SSL certificates should renew them in time and make sure consumers who purchase through their online store are secured. The process is when the server present the SSL certificates which will be verified for authenticity before being granted access. The root certificate authority sign will also be verified at this stage to make sure it comes from a legitimate source.

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