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Troubleshoot Common SSL Certificate Issues Easily

April 9, 2013 | By  

Webmasters sometimes face unexplained issues while trying to successfully host their website on a secured server. This is common because SSL Certificate encryption is a highly complex task but has been made simple with the help of certificate authorities. There are various tools available on the internet which will simplify the overall experience and makes it easier for you to check if it is working proper besides expiry date  or functionality. Most reputed companies which sell the product usually have the option that allows you to check if the secure sockets layer is in working condition. If it doesn’t you can always go back and make changes in the server side to get it up and running as it should.

Known SSL Issues And Solving Them

The expiry date is crucial because even huge companies faced hacking and malware issues from time to time. Make sure to renew SSL Certificate before the final date so as to be secured at all times. Besides, re-issual might take time based on the type that you require. Extended validation is one premium level cert which will be issued only after verification is done a second time. You should apply at the earliest in order to avoid any inconveniences caused by an expired cert.

See it from a user perspective

The purpose of various SSL tools is to help you see your cert and website from a user perspective. Every certificate authority aims to offer the best ssl certificate yet the final decision is purely an individual’s choice. If you feel you are fully satisfied, it also means that you have picked up the cert that ideally meets your requirements.

Find errors easily

Analyze the certification easily with online cert checker tool as well as the expiry date checker. It will display a host of information including the server used, the setup mode, the webmaster details along with errors, if any. You can rectify them and recheck to find if the ssl certificates that you have installed are working proper. Not everyone will require many certs unless they are hosting websites on different servers. For same sub-domains, there’s always the wildcard variant which will come in handy.

Comodo, the leading  SSL Certificate provider is a company with a goal to help consumers with non-premium pricing but premium quality products. The online security solutions provider, Comodo has exceptional credibility for the features provided like 99.9% browser compatibility, 256-bit encryption among others.

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