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How to Transfer SSL Certificate from Apache to Apache Server?

December 31, 2013 | By Editor 

Apache SSL Server

Transferring your certificate is mandatory where there is a new server being purchased or simply reusing active certs for a new website. The scenarios are many and the actual programming language could differ. This guide will explore the steps involved in moving your SSL Certificate from one Apache server to another Apache server. Unlike using Tomcat or Windows servers, this is much simpler and also easier because you are doing this transfer only between the same basic programs. It is similar to shifting your details between two Android phones rather than an iOS phone because new operating systems and platforms demand extra steps for successful transfer. In doing so, you can save the cost involved in buying a new cert which in some cases is not a worthy investment when you already have a spare one to use. Moreover, for business and online web service companies, assuring your client that they are in an encrypted safe zone is mandatory for best sales. Only when they feel comfortable sharing personal information, the ecommerce site will experience better conversion rates.

When transferring your cert from Apache to Apache, start by copying your files. Locate your SSL Certificate along with other intermediate certificates and the private key. Wherever it is located, it will be the configuration server for your website. Just copy them all and transfer them to the new server that you have purchased. The same process goes for existing servers as well because Apache basework is samewhen transfer is done between two similar technologies. After the copying process is complete, edit the files in the same Apache configuration location on the new server. It is really simple and can be done by people who hardly has any technical knowledge. All you need to do is read the steps and follow it properly without missing any step in between. This will ensure the cert is transferred properly and can continue to provide encryption solutions for people using the website.

Compared to any other server module, Apache is the simplest of all. If you are using one, then maintaining your SSL Certificate in it is relatively easy. Select the new location and the job will be done. However, when moving it a tomcat or windows servers, the process will completely vary. You actually have to set multiple configurations and change the base information provided so that the certs can run on a new windows server. The steps for the same is simple, but may have multiple phases before becoming fully operational.

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